If living as ‘greenly’ as possible is important to you, try and incorporate that value into your moving plan. There are so many other things going on while you’re moving house, however, and it can be difficult to remain environmentally friendly. Utilising Self Storage in Adelaide from Self Storage Australia Holden Hill is one of the best ways to remain ‘green’ while moving house. Here are a few other tips for moving into your new home while keeping your carbon footprint as minimal as possible.

Use recycled boxes

This is a great framework to guide your moving process. One of the easiest ‘green’ processes to put in place is to recycle and reclaim used boxes to pack up all your belongings. You can get leftover boxes from a variety of places. Many businesses with regular deliveries, such as grocery stores, often have a surplus of boxes they’re happy to give away. You can also check with your friends or co-workers for any boxes they have lying around. Reusing boxes is a simple step you can take to make your move more environmentally friendly.

Downsize with Self Storage in Adelaide

If you have less boxes to move, you’ll have to take less trips when moving house. As you’re packing up your old home, find some of the items you hardly ever use. These can be easily moved into Self Storage in Adelaide, which will limit the number of boxes you need to transport on moving day. You can also move your seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations, into your storage unit. You can pack your storage unit well in advance of your move, so these items are already out of the way. When you have to move less boxes, you end up driving less, which saves you fuel and is better for the environment.

Use the items you already have

There are plenty of items you’ll already have lying around that you can use instead of purchasing new items. For example, there’s no need to purchase any bubble wrap if you can wrap your fragile items in towels and sheets.

Help others to recycle

Now you’ve moved house in an environmentally friendly manner, it’s time to pass your supplies onto someone else who’s moving. If you pass your boxes onto someone else, you’ll have recycled not once, but twice!

You may not be able to save the planet single-handedly, but your efforts while moving house can make a difference! If you’re ready to start your big move, contact the team at Self Storage Australia Holden Hill for more information.

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