There are plenty of benefits to packing away some of your excess belongings into Self Storage in Adelaide from Self Storage Australia Holden Hill. If you’re ready to start moving some of your belongings into a storage unit, make sure you keep these packing tips in mind so you can get the most out of your space.

Planning is key

Planning and preparation is key when it comes to successfully moving your belongings into Self Storage in Adelaide. Make sure you write a list of everything you’re moving into the storage unit. Break this list down into boxes and what’s included in each box. This will make it easier to find certain items you might need, and will potentially save you a lot of time.

Create easy to see labels that can be placed on all the sides as well as the top of each box. Make sure your labels correspond with the master list you’ve written with matching numbers or distinct headings.

Create a stacking plan

A careful stacking plan will help ensure your items aren’t damaged while in Self Storage in Adelaide. All your heavy boxes should be on the bottom layer and pushed towards the outsides of the storage unit. Lighter boxes and other items should be stored on top of the heavier ones to prevent damage.

If you’re moving furniture into your storage unit along with your boxes, put the furniture in first. Push it all to the back or to one side of the unit, and keep your heavy boxes to the opposite side. This will help ensure there’s always a clear pathway through your storage unit.

Use pallets

Before you move any of your belongings into your Self Storage in Adelaide, invest in some wooden pallets. These can be placed along the floor of your unit and provide your boxes and furniture with an added layer of protection from the elements.

There are more packing and storage tips on our website. Alternately, contact the team of experts at Self Storage Australia Holden Hill to learn more.

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