Self Storage Australia offers Self Storage solutions for small businesses all over Australia, with two branches in Adelaide and another in Alice Springs.

Online shopping is growing by more than 20% per year, and Australia Post indicated that they are enjoying a 25% increase in the amount of parcels being sent Australia wide.

The growth of parcels in small packages being sent through the mail has necessitated some small businesses to consider how they operate, and the use of a Self Storage space is the ideal answer

One of the best advantages of Self Storage spaces are the low overheads associated with the space that is used. As businesses vary their activity they can also vary the size of the space they need, only paying for the space that they actually use, which is contrary to the traditional lease method which provides for a defined period and a defined space.

With the ups and downs of internet business, some small businesses that use Self Storage spaces find themselves needing extra space fairly regularly, and Self Storage flexibility provides the ability to be able to deal with the ups and downs associated with doing business on the Internet.

A number of small businesses have eBay shops and they use Self Storage spaces to distribute the online purchases to their customers.

The added convenience of our box shop means that online internet retailers that use one of our Self Storage spaces at Self Storage Australia, can package up materials that have been sold on the internet, purchase our tape and boxes, and get the goods out the door quickly.

Self Storage facilities like ours provide a flexible range of Self Storage spaces which can really enhance the operation of a small business. Strategically located, Self Storage Australia reduces the costs of small businesses by having this flexible arrangement, so that small businesses do not have to enter into long-term costly agreements for storage space.

Many manufacturers offer retailers and small businesses incentives to purchase high levels of stock particularly at the end of the financial year. Many small businesses are not in a position to take advantage of the special because they physically don’t have the place to store the stock. A Self Storage space can solve this problem – we can store that excess stock, giving the small business operator the opportunity to take advantage of much better pricing.

With the need for small business to keep records for seven years, a Self Storage space makes an ideal choice to store company records. We have a range of archive boxes to suit, and our units are clean and dry, providing the maximum preservation time for your documents.

So, if you need stock to be stored, then please do not hesitate to contact Self Storage Australia in Holden Hill, we’ll gladly look after your storage needs. Self Storage Australia in Holden Hill looks after Self Storage Holden Hill, but we can also assist with storage needs at our facilities in Elizabeth South and Alice Springs.

For those wishing to gain more ideas, we are having a sausage sizzle at 11am on Saturday the 18th of February 2017, and will feature a workshop with Paul Maguire from VISY. Please RSVP now, as places are limited.

Self Storage Australia in Holden Hill is conveniently located at 1002 Grand Junction Road in Holden Hill, Adelaide.

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