Trust us: one does not simply pitch up at one’s nearest Self Storage facility with a loaded Ute and a vague hope that THIS facility will be the best for your needs… Just like anything else in life, you should do your homework first.

So, we’ve decided to invite you over to Self Storage Australia in Holden Hill for a chat and a free sausage sizzle on Saturday, 18th of February from 11am, and you can gain ideas about Self Storage, and listen to our experienced staff and special guest speaker, Paul Maguire from VISY.

Until then, here’s what to ask your friendly Self Storage consultant to make sure that you get the best deal and exactly the right kind of storage unit for your needs. (If they’re not friendly, we suggest going somewhere else – the level of customer service should be your first indication of what the experience might be like!)

Ten questions you can check up on yourself:

How far is your chosen storage facility from your home?   

This could be very important, depending on how regularly you want or will need to access your unit. So choose a few options within range, and then ask these questions.

What are the different storage options or amenities available to me? What would you suggest, given my needs?

For instance: you might need a climate controlled unit depending on what you’re storing. If the facility doesn’t have climate controlled units, they’re not for you.

What are the different sizes of storage units available?

You might need a special size, so it’s good to check your options. Self Storage Australia Holden Hill have over 30 different unit sizes available across multiple locations. We also have outdoor spaces for cars, trucks, motorcycles, caravans, boats and RV’s.

What will this cost?

Yup, probably the most important question is what your storage unit will set you back each month. Why not try the SSA Space Calculator to estimate the size of storage unit needed and estimate the costs?

Can I expect extras such as a trailers, trucks or referrals to removalist companies to help you move into the storage unit?

SSA offers free trailers on move in as well as hire trucks at competitive rates and can refer you to a removalist that will suit your needs.

What exactly are the rules for your storage facility, regarding what can and cannot be stored?

Most household and business goods can be stored with no issues, however flammable, hazardous or perishable materials or goods should not be stored in self storage units for (hopefully) obvious reasons!

Self Storage Australia also recommend you insure your valuables and read the terms and conditions to ensure your precious items are covered by any policies you may hold. Some items may need to be specifically listed on your policy in order to be covered e.g. currency, jewellery, furs, deeds, paintings, curios, works of art and items of a personal and sentimental value.

Where is my Self Storage unit, and how far away is it from the main access point to the facility?

It’s good to know how easily accessible your unit is, both for practical reasons and safety, depending on what you’re storing.

How do I access the Self Storage facility? Do I need an access code, and what is it? How many people have the access code to this self storage facility?

At SSA, we understand the value in security and rest assured, you keep the keys to your unit! We have state of the art security access systems with unique coded access facilities. SSA has alarms fitted at all entry/exit points in addition to a 24hr Monitored security system.

What are your deterrents to any bugs in the storage facility? 

Self Storage Australia offers a purpose built, clean and modern facility and it’s a good idea to check how clean your chosen facility is before you decide on staying – a dirty facility is not a good sign.

Do you provide a lock, or must I get one? What do you recommend?

Self Storage Australia have a full range of packing and storage products including a range of locks to suit your security needs. Check out our box shop online and in store to see our full range.


It’s always a good idea to be prepared before moving into your Self Storage unit. So feel free to ask our team at Self Storage Australia, Holden Hill any questions that concern you – we are ready with advice!

Visit our website for more information regarding security measures, maintenance, assistance we offer or ask the helpful staff at our open day.

Join Self Storage Australia in Holden Hill on Saturday 18th of February from 11am for a free BBQ/Sausage Sizzle with a Self Storage workshop and presentation in our Box Shop Superstore!

Receive advice on moving, packing and storage from our experienced staff and special guest speaker, Paul Maguire from VISY.

RSVP now to reserve your seat as limited spaces are available!

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