Moving house is stressful at best, but when you add a bond clean into the mix, it can seem downright impossible. How on earth are you supposed to clean and tidy your entire home in just a few days? The good news is that it’s not impossible, but you must be organized and prepared for the challenge. This post will share 5 tips for surviving the stress of a bond clean. So read on and learn how to make moving house a little bit easier!

Start early

The sooner you start packing, the better. This will not only help to avoid a last-minute rush, but it will also give you more time to clean each room thoroughly. If possible, start packing at least a week in advance. This way, you can take your time without worrying about rushing through everything at the last minute.

And when it comes to cleaning, starting early is also important. Begin with the rooms that are going to be the most difficult to clean (such as the bathroom and kitchen) and work your way through gradually. This way, you won’t be left feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead of you.

Packing may seem like a daunting task, but trust us – it’s worth it! Start with the Adelaide Storage and Adelaide Self storage to declutter your home. This will make it much easier to keep on top of things and will give you more space to work with when it comes time to clean.

Self-storage Holden hill is great for storing all those items you don’t need but can’t bear to part with just yet. It’s also an excellent place to store any valuables or fragile items you don’t want to risk damage during the move.

Work from top to bottom

Start cleaning each room from the top and work your way down. This will prevent you from having to re-clean any surfaces that you’ve already tackled. And it’s a good idea to focus on one room at a time rather than trying to clean the entire house all at once.

Cleaning the windows is always a good place to start. Not only will this let in natural light (which will make the whole process seem less daunting), but it will also give you a chance to assess just how much dirt and grime has built up over time! Once you’ve tackled the windows, move on to dusting surfaces, scrubbing floors and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

Don’t forget the little things

When cleaning, it’s easy to focus on the big things and forget the more minor details. But it’s important to remember that bond inspectors will be looking for any signs of dirt or grime – no matter how small!

So, when you’re going through each room, please look closely at all the nooks and crannies and make sure they’re sparkling clean. This includes dusting skirting boards, wiping down light fixtures and scrubbing marks off walls. And don’t forget those places often overlooked, such as behind appliances and inside cupboards. A thorough clean will leave your home looking its best and is sure to impress bond inspectors.

Get everyone involved

Glitter spread all over the floor with a vacumme

Cleaning a whole house by yourself is no fun – and it’s also not very effective. So, get the whole family involved in the bond clean if you can. This way, you can divide and conquer and get the job done much quicker!

If you have kids, put them to work dusting surfaces or wiping down walls. And if your partner is home from work during the day, ask them to help out with scrubbing floors or cleaning windows. The more hands you have on deck, the easier it will be to get everything done in time!

And don’t forget about your furry friends! If you have pets, make sure they’re out of the way while you’re cleaning. The last thing you want is for them to make a mess while you’re in the middle of cleaning up!

Take a break

Cleaning can be pretty tiring, so it’s important to take breaks when you need them. If you start to feel overwhelmed or like you’re not making any progress, step away from the cleaning for a little while and take some time to relax. Go for a walk, watch your favorite TV show or sit down with a cup of tea – whatever helps you to relax and recharge your batteries

You’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the house. And if you need some more motivation, remember that bond money is waiting for you at the end of all this hard work!

In conclusion, cleaning your home from top to bottom is no easy feat – but it’s definitely doable with a bit of planning and effort. And when you’re finished, you’ll be able to enjoy your bond money stress-free! So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!