Many people are under the false impression that moving house is one of the most stressful projects you can undertake. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, you can actually enjoy the experience of moving to a new home, given you follow a few key steps. 

This handy guide contains 6 of the best tips that you can make the most of to help you move house without encountering untold levels of stress along the way. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more! 

6 Tips To Help You Move House

1. Give Yourself Enough Time 

One of the most important tips that you need to take on board to ensure you can stay calm and cool while moving house is to give yourself enough time! It’s all too common to find that poor time management can lead to all manner of difficulties and problems when you’re completing such an enormous task, so why not remove such a risk by giving yourself more than enough time to do what needs to be done? It’s going to take several weeks for you to pack up your things and transport them safely to your new home, so don’t set any unreasonable or unrealistic expectations that require you to finish such tasks in less time than this.

2. Always Make A Plan 

Another great tip that you should aim to take on board is to always make a plan. Having no plan when you’re moving to a new house can be a nightmarish experience, as you’ll soon find that you have no sense of direction, and haven’t a clue what’s been done or what is yet to be completed! Making a plan removes the need for you to dive in blindly at the deep end, as you can navigate from task to task without the risk of forgetting anything important. You can plan out every step of your journey, from sourcing the boxes you need for packing to filling up a local self storage unit to give yourself more space. When you make a plan you can also set yourself some deadlines, which in turn will help to promote better time management. It’s a win-win!

3. Don’t Do It Alone – Get Help!

One of the worst mistakes that you can make when moving house is to try and do it all by yourself. It’s going to take far too much time and energy for you to complete such a huge project on your own, so it’s a good idea for you to seek out a little assistance or support either from your friends and family or even an expert moving team. They’ll be able to help you manage the workload, keeping stress levels at an all time low! 

4. Keep Essentials On Top 

Another handy tip that you can make the most of is to keep all of your essentials on top when you’re packing. It’s more than likely that you have several boxes or suitcases filled with stuff that you need to transport, and unpacking these boxes or cases will likely take even longer than it did to pack them in the first place. So, when you arrive at your new home you’ll likely be all tired out, wanting nothing more than to make a nice meal and go to sleep! This means your everyday essentials should be close to the top of the pile, so you can grab your cutlery and crockery as well as your towels and toiletries, rather than rummaging around for hours on end.

5. Always Label Your Boxes!

A man holding a few boxes

Don’t forget to label your boxes! You’d be surprised at just how much of an impact that this can have on your move, as having no fathomable clue as to what’s inside each box after you have packed it will add hours (if not days) onto your move. You’ll have to unpack each box several times in several different locations until you find the right home for it, whereas labeled boxes are simply so much easier to sort and manage! Start as you mean to go on, and label every box that you pack. 

6. Wrap Fragile Items Thoroughly 

Last but by no means least, if you want to avoid the pain and upset that comes with breaking or damaging your favorite furniture and decor, then be sure to wrap your fragile items thoroughly! Transporting something like an old family relic or a piece of valuable artwork during your move will be so nerve wracking, but if you have taken the time to properly protect your fragile items then you’ll be able to rest assured knowing all is well. 

Good luck with your house move! Don’t forget to utilize the best self storage unit Holden Hill has to offer, as Adelaide storage services can certainly help to take some of the weight from your shoulders.