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As the heart and soul of the Australian Outback, and close to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Alice Springs is a popular tourist destination for travellers wanting a true Australian experience. Here are some tips from Alice Springs Self Storage to help you create a beautiful AirBnB.

Don’t Skimp Out on the Necessities

A fantastic AirBnB should provide all the necessities that a traveller may need to utilise and be comfortable. This includes ceiling fans and air-conditioning to combat Alice Springs’s high summer temperatures, a decent sized bed, appropriate bedding, adequate wardrobe space, functional kitchen utensils, toilet paper, and soap.

Provide a luxurious hotel experience with white soft towels and face washers, large fluffy pillows, and clean, crisp bedding. Extra touches include complimentary shampoo and conditioner, a hairdryer and an unopened spare toothbrush and toothpaste.

towels in basket

Create Clean and Open spaces with Alice Springs Self Storage

For a stress less and more comfortable experience, your AirBnB should be spacious, clean, and tidy. There should be no dust present and the insides of cupboards and drawers should be clean. Begin by throwing away any excess clutter, or storing it safely in Alice Springs Self Storage while you rent out your home.

Large, clean windows, especially those that are floor to ceiling, give the impression of a more spacious room. This also allows for more ventilation throughout the house, and for natural sunlight to stream inside. Use sheer white curtains to give your AirBnB a relaxed, light, holiday feeling, or have the option of roller blinds for privacy instead of curtains. Perhaps build a half sheltered veranda with a table and chairs, for guests to enjoy the outdoors or stargaze on.

open floor plan

Add Some Alice Springs Charm

Give your Air BnB character by creating an overall theme to highlight the culture of Alice Springs. White walls with pops of orange and red decor will create a clean, modern holiday home whilst reflecting the beauty of the Australian Outback. Alternatively, paint the walls cream or install rich mahogany floors to add more warmth to your AirBnB. Store your furniture in Alice Springs Self Storage during the installation of new floors, or to protect them while painting.

Didgeridoos, aboriginal artworks, and local photography can serve as statement pieces to enhance you’re a room’s aesthetic. Use wood and linen materials to give your AirBnB a rustic, earthy, yet light feeling. Using different textures whether it be from paintings to cushion covers or rugs, will add more dimension and interest to a room.

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Offer More Value for Money

Give guests more incentive to stay with you and leave good reviews by offering them more value for their money. This can include simple things like providing your guests with fresh fruit, coffee or breakfast if you intend on living on the premises.  Provide your guests with a tour of Alice Springs, or take them to your favourite café.

If you won’t be staying there, consider stocking the kitchen with basic complimentary food options. Leave a friendly note welcoming them to your home or create a booklet of suggested restaurants and things to see and do in Alice Springs.

Extra services can also be charged to the guest through AirBnB, however providing them for free will greatly enhance their experience, whilst creating a positive relationship.


Publish a Competitive Air BnB Listing

Your AirBnB advertisement is just as important as the property itself. Use an eye-catching title and an exciting, but short description to attract potential guests to your page.

Advertise in the property summary what makes your Air BnB unique and use descriptive words to give it a welcoming personality. Although it’s important not to sell your property short, it’s equally important not to over exaggerate. Honesty is appreciated within the AirBnB community, so over promising and underproviding can lead to unhappy guests and damage your review rating.

Good quality, well-lit photos are imperative to being considered or chosen as a host. Remember that the first three photos are the most important, as they determine whether or not a guest will continue to look at your property.

Be flexible with check in and check out times to give your guests peace of mind and a less stressful experience.

Price your AirBnB accordingly in terms of its location, size, amenities, and furnishings compared to other Air BnB’s in the area. Allow your Air BnB to reach its earning potential, whilst keeping in mind that high prices can result in less rents. Creating a pricing strategy such as a low pricing during off peak periods, and higher pricing during peak periods, will ensure you’re still able to meet demands all year round.

Air BnB is based heavily on trust so it’s important to create a strong personal profile. This includes a friendly, clear photo of yourself, and a description of your interests and who you are. Lastly, don’t forget to end your listing with a call for action and reply promptly to potential guests.


So to create the perfect AirBnB in Alice Springs, put effort into the details and create a clean, comfortable and charming holiday home. Going an extra mile or adding a bit of luxury will greatly enhance your guest’s experience and make them feel all that more special. Remember that Alice Springs Self Storage have multiple storage options for your belongings if you choose to renovate or wish to keep your items safely locked away.


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