Self storage can be an excellent solution for so many different situations, from moving house to deep cleaning, decluttering and so much more! But why exactly is self storage such a popular choice? 

This handy guide aims to answer that question! Below you’ll find some of the most notable benefits of self storage units, likely inspiring you to start renting one of your own. 

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Benefits Of Self Storage

Added Security & Protection 

When you’re storing valuable goods, the chances are you’re going to want some extra protection so that you can maintain peace of mind about your items. Self storage units can offer you the protection you desire, as they have 24 hour CCTV surveillance. This means that your storage unit will be under watch constantly, so any suspicious behavior can be monitored and apprehended when appropriate. You can also expect to have your own personal lock and key for your self storage unit, meaning no one can access your belongings without some serious power tools! This will no doubt allow you to rest easy knowing that your items are safe, especially if they hold sentimental value or are particularly expensive to replace. It’s often far safer to keep your items in a self storage unit than your home garage, especially if you don’t have any CCTV.

Frees Up Space At Home

Using a self storage unit allows you to free up masses of space at home, and this can be beneficial for a number of different reasons. You might want to undertake a spring clean of your home, so removing some furniture and decor will give you the space to do a thorough job. Perhaps you need to decorate your home, and subsequently want to take out a few items so that workers have space to move, and cannot damage your valuables. Freeing up space will also give you a better chance to visualize your new interior design, as you’ll have a blank canvas to work with. You might even be selling your home, meaning you need to remove personal items and clutter that you don’t want potential buyers to see. All of these space-saving projects can be done with great ease using a self storage unit! 

Simplifies The Moving Process

Moving house can be a big challenge, especially if you have a lot of furniture, decor and other items to take with you. Finding the time and energy to pack up all of your belongings on your intended moving day will likely be a near impossible task, but slowly stocking up a self storage unit with your least-used items will simplify the process like you would not believe. You can remove many items from your home and keep them safe in your storage unit, easing up masses of pressure on moving day. There will be no rush to collect your items either, so it’ll be one less deadline for you to worry about. When it comes to moving day you’ll only have to sort out your remaining essential items, which will be a lot less hassle!