Best Christmas Getaways in South Australia

/Best Christmas Getaways in South Australia

Best Christmas Getaways in South Australia

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to let go of the ordinary and have fun. If you are thinking about a getaway, you’ll find lots of places to head in South Australia. This is the time to bring out your camping gear from Self Storage Elizabeth and hit the road. Whether you’re heading out with family or planning a trip with lots of friends, there are so many places to appreciate in this region. From lively national parks and wine growing vineyards to the coast, this is a time to make terrific new memories.

Barossa Valley

Located just about sixty kilometers from Adelaide, the Barossa Valley is one of the most famous destinations in South Australia. You can enjoy a glass of wine from one of several vineyards in the area in short period of time. This makes it the perfect destination for a quick getaway at this time. There’s an incredible amount to do in addition to wine tasting. Lavender fields mean you can get perfume and see these blooms at peak. The area is also home to a great many renowned cafes and restaurant, making it a must for all foodies.

Barossa Valley

Camping in a National Park

This part of Australia has some of the most wonderful parks. Bring that camping gear from Self Storage Elizabeth and head to Innes National Park. Perched on the beautiful headlands of the southwest tip of fabled Yorke Peninsula, Innes is a paradise for all those who love the outdoor life. Watch as wild emus and kangaroos flit in front of your site a short distance away. It’s an excellent place to take your fishing gear from Self Storage Elizabeth and catch some amazing fish. When you’re done, cool off in the waters along the bay and admire the fantastic array of underwater creatures in front of your face.

flinders range sunset

Deep Creek

Cliffs that form part of the original bush are one of the major attractions in this area. It’s only a brisk drive from Port Jervis. You can climb the cliffs for a picnic as the waters of the Southern ocean spread out and crash at the bottom. This is one place the entire family can enjoy at the same time. Older kids can hit the heights and develop their climbing skills. The little kids can dip their toes in the delightful waters as parents watch them see nature close up.

South Australian Beaches

Limestone Coast

The limestone coast is a fascinating mixture of many attractions ideal for a trip this time of year. Lots of historical buildings make an excellent way to learn about Australian history. It’s another place that is where people go to fish. It’s also a place full of lots of charming coves that allow people to swim safely. Inland lie many lakes that are right for a day trip or even longer. One town that many people really love is Robe. It’s truly quaint and pretty. Stroll the shops for additional gifts and then have a nice meal as the sun sets.


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