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Christmas Holiday Getaways

Spending holiday vacations near Adelaide, Australia has many unique destinations to explore. Adelaide has exciting festivals, bars, and endless scenery that anyone will always remember. If you are not sure where to spend holiday getaways near Adelaide, you will love what the continent of Australia offers.

Adelaide Hills Is Full of Wildlife and Wineries to Enjoy

Adelaide Hills has a large variety of wineries, restaurants, gorgeous country views, wildlife, and more. For the holidays, they have “The Hahndorf Christmas Market Twilight Walking Tour”. It is a fun holiday tour that adds a special meaning to Christmas. Bringing your camera and walking shoes is needed when traveling through The Adelaide Hills.

Be sure to take the time to visit their excess of wineries because there are many varieties that you will enjoy that you may not find anywhere else around the world. There are known for their downtown cafes and restaurants where the food is very tasty. Adelaide Hills can give you the largest Self Storage Elizabeth for supplies. They have blankets, cartons, pillows, and more.

Lake Eyre Is a Natural Wonder

A couple enjoying wine under the heat of the sun in Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre is known for red rock gorges and reflective salt beds. The stops that you will see upfront are unlike any other places you will explore. If you travel there, be sure to bring tents, hiking boots, folding chairs, and flashlights. That is why Self Storage Elizabeth has space that anyone can use that is secure and clean.

Lake Eyre is a vacation to remember. The main thing to use on this trip is your camera because it’s huge, with beautiful scenery, even during the holidays. When days are cloudy, the reflections you will see are amazing because you cannot tell the contrast between the sky and land.

Kangaroo Island Is a Destination to Remember

A family enjoying refreshments on a deck at the beachfront

Kangaroo Island is one of Australia’s leading wildlife spots that are a great retreat to see. You will be able to get there by their ferry. Once you arrive, you can explore their koalas, sea lions, and kangaroos. They have a variety of foods that only in Australia you can enjoy. Bring your camera and swimsuit. At “The Marron Café”, you will be able to enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch that has fresh oysters, prawns, and red snapper that will suit your tastebuds.

Nullarbor Is the Great Plain of Being Eye Inspired

A woman standing under a big signage at Nullarbor

The Nullarbor is the wide plain that spreads across the bottom part of southern Australia. Any vacationer during the holidays will be inspired that although it will look empty, anyone will see beautiful whales and huge sea cliffs. It will take several days to pass through the entire plain. They have the Bunda Cliffs that are exciting to explore. Bring your swimsuits, walking boots, and binoculars for an enjoyable adventure. Self Storage Elizabeth is free for your first two months if you need it.

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