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Clothes Storage Ideas

Clothing is a necessity in life. Many people need to have lots of different kinds of clothing on hand. They need clothing for work. They also need to have a wardrobe that lets them get outdoors and relax. Many people also need to have clothing for their kids and spouse. Finding Clothes Storage is a must in order to have a home that is functional and allows you to head out the door without missing a beat. Here are a few ideas from Self Storage Australia that make sure all of your clothing and the clothing your family members own are keep in good condition all year long.

An attic

One place to find Clothes Storage is in the attic. The attic is one space that has lots of possibilities. An attic can often accommodate lots of boxes where clothing can be stored when you’re not using it. This is a good place to keep clothing that one child has outgrown but may not be ready for another child quite yet. It’s also a good place to keep children’s clothing that you’re not ready to give away even if it has been outgrown. You can keep items that you’d like to share with another family member or friend once they have kids who can fit into them.

clothes stored in attic

The basement

The basement is another area that make an ideal place for Clothes Storage. A basement often has many small rooms. These rooms are an ideal place to put items that you only use a short part of the year. For example, you can keep heavy winter coats in this part of your home. The coats can be kept in good condition away from the elements. Bring them out when you feel cold. As bulky items, they can take up space here that you might not otherwise use.

clothes storage in basement

Under the stairs

Your stairs are a good place to find Clothes Storage. Stairs can be both functional and decorative at the same time. A set of pull out drawers can be installed with ease in any part of the home. This is space that might be wasted otherwise. Lots of items can be kept underneath the stairs. A large cupboard can also be used for Clothing storage next that’s fitted into the body of the stairs. Add a door to the cupboard that opens so you’ll be able to access your clothing without a problem.

under stairs storage

Below the bed

The bed is another place that might be overlooked but has lots of storage space. You can place lots of small items like hats and gloves here. Other kinds of items can also be stored when not in use. A large down comforter can be kept here and pulled out at night. The same is true of any extra pillows and bedding as well as the clothing you wear at night and any slippers. A bed is a good place to keep very large personal clothing items like boots so the rest of the room looks very clean and neat.

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