Cool Pool Designs For Your Home

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Cool Pool Designs For Your Home

As summer comes along, now is the time to think about how best to cool off. For so many people, there’s just one answer. That’s the really fabulous backyard pool. A pool is a great place for a fast dip, a longer swim or a just some time with family and friends. If you are thinking about putting a pool, you’ll want to see what designs are available. You’ll find lots of different choices that can allow you to relax in style and show off your personality at the very same time. Here are a few ideas from Self Storage Adelaide.

pool floaties

Lap Pools

Lap pools are a joy for those who love the opportunity to relax and become one with the water. If you’re planning to dig space for that lap pool, put items that might be in the way in Self Storage Adelaide when you’re making those plans. You can put the lap pool in one part of your backyard. This frees up a lot of space for lots of other things such as a swing set where kids can head when they’re done playing. The lap pool offers a place to cool off and a great place to exercise when it gets hot.

lap pool

Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is designed for you to cool off quickly. You can clear off one part of your yard and put those other things in that Self Storage Adelaide as you decide where to place it. The pool can serve as part of a much larger gathering space for everyone else in your family. They can head there for a dip when it’s really hot out. Then you can sit there with your guests and enjoy a nice meal next to the pool. This is a good idea for people who want something small they can still enjoy with ease.

plunge pool



Temporary Pools

Pop up pools have been very much in use for many years. People love how they can put a popup pool in Self Storage Adelaide and bring it out as needed. When the hot weather gets going, now is the very time of the year to set it up. These are pools that are loved because they are so easy to use. Take one and put in next to your home for an easy way to run out on a hot day. It requires very little maintenance to stay in that ideal shape right now.

popup pool

Waterfall and Slide

Few things are more enjoyable than a slip into the water on a hot day. You can take any pool and jazz it up with a few special extras. A slide is an easy thing to use in your pool design and make it come to life. You can use the slide to offer your kids hours of fun in the sun. A safe slide is a great way for your kids to invite others to join them all summer long. A waterfall is another popular choice for a pool. It’s a totally fun feature that adds lots of welcome attention.

waterfall and slide pool

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