You must consider a few things when looking for storage in Northern Adelaide. The first is obvious; you need storage units with enough space to store your belongings. You also wish to find a facility with excellent security and easy access. The final thing to consider is less obvious; the unique climate of Northern Adelaide. 

We experience scorching summers that go on for many months and extremely mild winters. As a consequence, you need to know that your items are kept in excellent condition, even during the hottest parts of the year. That’s why Self Storage Australia uses climate-controlled units to maintain the perfect temperature for your personal belongings.  This is an innovative feature you won’t find in most self-storage facilities and it provides you with a host of benefits: 

Protect Items From Excessive Heat

During the summer, temperatures will regularly rise above 30 degrees in Northern Adelaide. And that’s the temperature outside – your items will be far hotter in a storage unit. They’re effectively in a hot box, which can be a serious problem for many of your belongings, such as: 

  • Musical instruments
  • Antiques
  • Wooden furniture
  • Clothing
  • Electronic devices

The heat can cause these things to degrade very quickly, meaning they’re a shadow of their former selves when you go to pick them up. Climate-controlled storage units stop this from happening by regulating the temperature. Your unit will never go above a specific temperature, meaning it’s always cool and none of your items are damaged by the scorching heat.  Expensive items retain their value while sentimental ones stay in the same condition. Better yet, they remain like this for many months and years! You can confidently store things for the long or short term without worrying about heat damage. 

Prevent Mould Growth By Keeping The Humidity Low

Mould or mildew are liable to grow in self-storage units that don’t have climate control features. 

Why? Because units don’t have any windows and will normally have no ventilation. As such, when it’s hot during the Northern Adelaide summer, the humidity indoors will skyrocket. More humidity means more moisture in the air, which causes the ideal conditions for mould to grow. 

Even worse, mould can grow on your items as well. Furniture may experience mould growth, important documents could see mould growing on them and so on. The climate control feature doesn’t just keep the temperature at the ideal level; it also controls the humidity. We ensure your units remain below 50% at all times, so there’s no chance of mould or mildew growing on your precious belongings. 

Stop Electrical Items From Being Damaged By Moisture

Speaking of humidity, it can have another adverse effect on your items in storage. Even if mould doesn’t grow, the high moisture levels will cause issues for different things in your unit. Most notably, electrical items are at risk of being permanently damaged. Moisture gets into the circuitry and they can never work again. 

That’s a huge problem if you have expensive electrical items, vintage electrical items or items held for business use. Using climate-controlled units negates this problem – as mentioned above. The climate control system maintains a low level of humidity, removing as much moisture from the air as possible.  Your electrical items don’t have to worry about moisture damage and nor do any other things in your unit – such as paper documents or old family photobooks. 

Keep Pests Away From Your Unit

Storage companies try their best to keep pests away from units, but this isn’t always possible – unless there are climate-controlled units! 

You see, the addition of climate control enables our units to stay cool. They’re no longer seen as warm and cosy places for pests to come and make nests, so all of your items will be extra safe. You’ll have peace of mind without worrying about rodents getting into your unit and nibbling personal belongings or making a mess everywhere. 

Get Better Protection For Your Items With Climate-Controlled Storage From Self Storage Australia

If you want what’s best for your items, you need climate-controlled storage solutions. Thankfully, you’re in the perfect place to get things started! Self Storage Australia has a range of climate-controlled units that are perfect for storage Northern Adelaide. We’ll keep your unit at the ideal temperature throughout the year, offering the most robust protection for your belongings. 

All you have to do is get in touch with us today or view our centres online. You can book your unit and request a quote at the click of a button!