DIY Plant Stand; A Plant Lover’s Secret

/DIY Plant Stand; A Plant Lover’s Secret

DIY Plant Stand; A Plant Lover’s Secret

Whether green, flowery or just leafy, plants are an interesting phenomenon that we hold dear and that comes in infinite variety. They beautify our spaces and form an integral part of our environment, both outdoors and indoors. Traditionally, a lot of plant lovers were planting them in a basic clay pot and probably place them in a corner on their verandah or in their living rooms. Today, the modern plant lover has a keen interest in creativity. As a result, adding the DIY plant stand in his home setting. These stands add a touch of elegance and style in plant arrangement, dynamically changing the old view of plants. Here are a few of our favourites.

white metal tiered plant stand

Designs, finishes, and styles of a DIY plant stand are limitless; your imagination is your guide. Off the shelf, stands would be a simpler option, but then your plants would lose that special touch and character that identifies with you.

plant wall

Instinctively, you would want to create a stand that will blend well with your general setting. Décor that adds a hint of fineness, pattern and even a bit of colour to our home is ideal. You can play about with the colours you apply on your stands to give your space the desired effect.

large interior modern plant stand

With materials such as wood, copper, and cement you can creatively put together a perfect stand. Inspirational stands such as the mid-century stand by A Beautiful Mess, modern stand created by Homey Oh My, ladder stand by Funky Junk Interiors, rustic by Shanty 2 Chic, marble and copper by Foxtail and Copper, are pretty stylish and easy to make. Their vintage concept infuses well with your modern interiors.

rustic ladder plant stand

The potted plants on your patio would greatly benefit from a DIY plant stand or more, as well. Inspirational ideas such as the rustic hanging plant stand by, cement top plant stand by, copper pipe mini pot stand by, the re-purposed five-gallon bucket plant stand by are some examples of outdoor stands that would greatly improve the appeal of your patio and porch plants.

plants growing in bath

Overall, the most interesting facts of a DIY plant stand are that it is cost effective; with the materials you readily have, you can make some very exotic stands without any additional costs. It promotes creativity; your creativity and inspirations become a reality unlike when you get an off-the-shelf stand. You adequately capture the style and setting of your space, in the stands you make. Giving a touch to your plant arrangement is worthwhile, and you get to enjoy showing them off.

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