You already know that self storage units are commonly used to store belongings that don’t have a space in your home, but what benefits can it actually bring to your home life? Here at Self Storage Australia, we believe that using a self storage unit can bring more than just extra space into your life. If you’re looking for Adelaide Storage solutions, you’ve come to the right place! But first, let’s take a look at how self storage can improve your home life.

Secure from theft

There are some belongings that simply mean too much to you. And while you might not be too worried about theft when you’re at home, if you travel frequently or spend a lot of time away from home, then you might worry that someone might break in and steal it. That’s where self storage can come to the rescue. Our units are monitored 24/7 with security surveillance cameras, and these units require pin code access, so you can rest assured that your belongings are always safe.

Great for collectors

Lots of people find joy in collecting things that excite them. It might be memorabilia from a particular franchise, or it could be a collection of valuable and rare items that are hard to find. And sometimes, that collection grows so big that it’s taking up too much valuable space in your home. Self storage is perfect for those needs, and with the added security on top, you’ll know that your collection will be waiting safe and sound for you.

Creates space when decorating

If you’ve ever decorated your home, then you’ll know all too well how stressful it can be when there’s furniture in the way and at risk of becoming covered in paint or whatever else could ruin it. Even if it’s only temporarily, using a self storage unit to store your furniture and other belongings makes it much easier for you to crack on, get the decorating done, and then safely move your furniture back into your home without any risk of damage.

Perfect for those downsizing

There may come a time in your life where the home you’re living in is simply too big. It might be a cost related issue, or it might be that you’d love to live in a smaller space that’s easier to maintain. Whatever your reason, it can be difficult to part ways with beloved belongings when you downsize, and self storage is a great solution to this problem. Even if you intend to relocate or sell those belongings eventually, having a self storage unit gives you the time to do things at your pace and decide which possessions you can and can’t let go of.

family on bed sorting through toys and belonging to pack away into moving boxes

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Ideal for seasonal needs

There are lots of items that you’ve accumulated over the years, and sometimes there simply isn’t enough space for those belongings all year around. For example, your skiing equipment isn’t needed for probably 99% of the year, so why have it cluttering up your home when you’re already stuck for space? We often see people using our storage units for many different seasonal needs like Christmas, birthdays, Easter, summer vacations and many more. So, if you’ve got items that you only use for a small period each year, why not consider putting it into self storage so that you’ve still got it whenever you need it, but have more living space in your home?

Savvy for students

Students often find storage solutions a life saver. You probably already know the reputation of student halls but if you don’t, they’re very limited on space. Students, especially those that are studying far away from their hometown, often use self storage to store all of the belongings they’ll need throughout the year. If a student has a lot of clothes, for example, they may store their summer clothes during the winter and vice versa. We also often see students that are taking a gap year or don’t want to have to haul their belongings back home to see their family and then back again when the new term starts using our self storage units.

Decluttering the home

And finally, one of the most common uses of self storage is decluttering the home without having to get rid of prized possessions. Living amongst lots of clutter and mess isn’t very nice, and it may create tension at home. Instead, why not use a storage unit to store those belongings until you can decide what to do with them? It will dramatically improve how things are at home when you’ve got space to store everything!