How To make Moving With Kids Easy

/How To make Moving With Kids Easy

How To make Moving With Kids Easy

Moving house is one of those things that most people truly dread. When kids are involved too, it’s more difficult still. By keeping these tips in mind, and using Self Storage Elizabeth South, your experience is sure to unfold far more smoothly.

Keep the kids in the loop

First, as soon as you know that you will be moving, sit the kids down for a family meeting. Be frank about what is going on, and let them express their feelings about it. Consider any feedback that they have about the move, and reassure them that you will take steps like renting Storage Elizabeth South to keep everything on track.

Include them in purging unneeded stuff

Renting Storage Elizabeth South definitely comes in handy when moving house, but there is no point in storing and moving things that you don’t really need. Include the kids in the process of purging items that are no longer needed. If you have a lot of things to sell, plan a moving sale, and allow the kids to keep whatever money they make from selling their old stuff.

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Pack the house while they are gone or asleep

Packing is stressful in general. When small kids are involved, it’s considerably more difficult because they don’t understand how to do it properly, and they often become distressed upon seeing their things going into boxes. Do yourself a favour and arrange for someone to watch them while you pack—or try to do it at night while they are sleeping.

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Colour-code moving boxes

Assign each child with his or her own colour, and then use coloured duct tape to clearly label moving boxes. That way, when you arrive at your new home, the kids can quickly and easily identify their boxes and get started with unpacking. If necessary, keep some of the boxes in Storage Elizabeth South until your new home is completely ready.

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Plan a farewell party

While adults generally stress about the logistics of moving, the hardest part for kids is leaving their friends behind. Include your kids in planning a farewell party—or “see you later” party, as they are sometimes alternatively called—to help them to gain closure about the experience. Prior to throwing the party, clear away unneeded things from the home and put them in Storage Elizabeth South to free up space for little feet to scamper about. You can then just keep those things in storage until moving day arrives—and your kids will leave their old home feeling ready and excited about what’s to come.

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Pack one suitcase for each child

The last thing that you want to do once you are underway is to have to stop and dig around through tons of stuff to find something that your child needs. Avoid this by packing one suitcase, backpack or duffel bag for each kid. Have them pack their bags with items that they will need during the trip and right when they arrive at their new home. This will significantly reduce stress as you move from point A to point B.

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