Renovation tips are everywhere these days, given how many of us do it. But it is a skill you must learn and can be chaotic. Things like self storage to renovate stress free will help. And you must also learn to plan a renovation. So here are some more tips for a stress free renovation.

Is a Stress Free Renovation Possible?

Is it possible to do a stress free renovation? This one comes down to a lot of different factors. Experience and planning are chief among them. Yet one survey by Toolstation of 1,003 people found that 602 of these found it very stressful. It is stated that certain parts of a home remodel cause general stress and a negative impact on the health and well-being of those involved. However, certain things, like planning, using self storage and knowing what to expect, will help.

Why We Feel the Need to Renovate

As a person, you have a natural desire for change and improvement. This is why you can often feel the need to remodel your home, workplace or other spaces. But renovations can give a space a feeling of being fresh and new, which can be mentally uplifting and encourage you to try new experiences. To keep from feeling bored with their homes, most people renovate every three to five years. Although it costs us a lot of money to do so, the mental benefits are worth it.

The Available Options for a Good Renovation

Whether you are doing up a new home or remodelling your current one, there are some practices you need to be aware of to make it go smoother. For example, it’s important to plan ahead and do a lot of research. This should cover your budget, the timeframe and the work that can be done. Also, for a renovation to go well, everyone needs to be clear with communication. Yet a good starting point is making your home clear for workers, and self storage can help.

Renovate Stress Free with Self Storage

Self storage can be a huge help during the remodelling process for many reasons. First, renovations can be dirty, noisy, and full of dust, which can damage your things. Putting your furniture and other things in self-storage can keep them from getting damaged. Also, renovations often require a lot of space to move around furniture and other items. Storage can provide a temporary solution to free up space in your home or workplace during the remodel.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Stress Free Renovation

It probably isn’t possible to have a 100% stress free renovation when you think about it. But there are some things you can do to make sure it goes a bit smoother than you expect:

Things to help your renovation

  • Always set realistic expectations for budget, timeframe and work to be done.
  • Consider the form of renovations rather than how it will look.
  • Install things in the right order. Your contractor should understand this.
  • Plan and make divisions before you begin working on the project.
  • Organise your belongings and securely store them in a self storage facility.

How things can go very wrong when renovating

Of course, Murphy’s law states that something will go wrong. Yet how much of your project goes wrong can rest on specific things when renovating. Some of these include the following:

  • Work is halted because you didn’t research what you are permitted to do.
  • You have blown your budget on less-needed luxury fittings.
  • Your valuables are damaged because you didn’t use self storage facilities.
  • Because of poor research, you severely underestimated the costs.
  • Poor work overall since you didn’t shop around for contractors.

You may not realise it, but you have a lot of power when renovating, and doing it right will reduce stress. However, not paying attention to other specifics is a recipe for disaster. 

Finding Self Storage that Meets Your Needs

Depending on the work being done, you might need self storage. In any event, it’s always a good idea if you have something even moderately valuable. Or you will just add stress and money worries on top of an already potentially stressful situation. Further to budget concerns, not all self storage yards are expensive. And you can always find what you need. For instance, most sites offer options for short and long-term storage as well as small and large storage bays.

How to Store Safely When Renovating

Many of us will make changes to our homes. Most of us will do it about once every few years. But it often makes up to 60% of people feel stressed. Self-storage can be helpful if you’re remodelling and need a place to temporarily store your things so they won’t get damaged by dust, debris, or by accidents. You never know who is watching, though. So, make sure you always cover your stuff so thieves can’t see the valuables you are moving between sites.

Further Protection of Your Valuables

Self storage is excellent for keeping your stuff safe, especially when renovating or moving home. For some extra security, you might want to store small things like jewellery in a safe or lockbox. This will keep them safe and make sure they don’t get lost or broken while the renovations are going on. You should also make a list of all the valuable things in the area being renovated, with photos and full descriptions. This will help you remember where your things are.

Self Storage in Your Area when Renovating

These days, you can find a lot of storage tips online. But you need easy-to-find and convenient self-storage. You can just type “self storage near me” into Google. And any registered fasciitis will show up on Google Maps close by. But you can also look for people who rent out storage space in local classifieds like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Lastly, you can check your local newspaper to see if there are any ads for storage companies in your area.


Almost all of us, at some point, will renovate. But this comes with many stressful aspects. So, if you want to renovate stress free, you need to learn some things. For example, you must know that self storage is a huge bonus when remodelling due to the security and safety it offers.