Increase Your Homes Value with Home Renovations

/Increase Your Homes Value with Home Renovations

Increase Your Homes Value with Home Renovations

Owning a home is a goal that most people wish to achieve. Sometimes you purchase a home and later want to change some things inside to suit your preferences. But, do all the changes add value to the home, or they are just an unnecessary expense? Why not renovate your home in ways that will add its sale value?

Knock Down Walls to Add Space

a man breaking down walls

If your home has a closed living room and kitchen, it’s time to try open living. Knock down any wall dividing the kitchen and the living room to create an open design kitchen. This will upgrade the resale value of the home as an open plan home design is the current trend in home-ownership.

Also, reducing the number of walls in the house opens up space for a good flow of natural light into the house. Removing things that block natural light, such as overgrown trees and vegetation is another excellent step. The more natural light that gets inside, the less you will need to use electricity to light up the house, resulting in reduced electricity consumption.

Knocking down a wall involves a lot of dirt in the house; hence you need to remove furniture and electronics in the affected rooms. You can look for Self Storage Adelaide to safely keep your furniture until you’re done.

Update the Kitchen

a couple having breakfast in the kitchen while reading the news on their tablet

Remodeling your kitchen involves changing the counter-tops, cabinets, wall tiling, flooring, or new kitchen appliances. Kitchen renovations ideas are endless, but you can start with marble counter-tops. Marble is an elegant material to use in your kitchen but consider the market value of properties around your locality as marble is costly. An inexpensive way to remodel the kitchen is to install a window over the sink as it adds appeal to space. Also, you can give your kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint or install knobs and handles made from stainless steel or bronze.

Kitchen appliances also change the appearance of a kitchen. Ensure that you have energy-efficient appliances that save on electricity. This also includes kitchen lighting; use energy-saving bulbs. You can store your old kitchen appliances in a rented space at Self Storage Adelaide for safekeeping until you find them a new owner.

Add a Bathroom

a modern clean bathroom with a small bath tub

Outdated bathrooms or a few of them will turn potential buyers away. Update your bathrooms fixtures and amenities or add an extra one if there’s enough space. To find the space for a new bathroom, consider an unused closet or the space below the stairs. Unwanted clothes can be stored at Self Storage Adelaide for safekeeping to de-clutter the closets. The space available will determine if you will install a half bath or a full bath.

Add a Deck

a boy walking out of the house onto the deck

Outdoor living is a trend that appeals to a lot of people, and it will increase your home value. Some of the spaces you can improve on are the deck and the backyard. Construct a deck and accessorize it attractively by adding flower pots, or built-in sitting. Let it be a comfortable place for anyone getting away from closed spaces such as offices.

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