We all want our homes to feel comfortable and inviting despite space. Having a smaller house doesn’t mean that you live in a crumpled and cluttered space. With the proper arrangement and layout, you will genuinely maximize space and still maintain style. Here are a few tips to give your apartment that spacious look.

Utilize Hidden Spaces

Convert unused spaces into storage areas. If you have limited space, take extra furniture to Self Storage Elizabeth and get pieces that serve multiple purposes. While the ottoman serves as a coffee table, extra seat, or footrest in many households, you can use one with underlying storage to stack your books or other items. Using under-the-bed storage is another smart way to create extra storage space in your house. You can even use a chair as a side table instead of shopping for new bulky furniture. Get a sofa that can function as a guest bed and a table that functions as a desk too.

Hidden drawer by the window

Get Creative with Colours

By combining bright white and deep dark paint colours in a house, you create contrasts that create an illusion of space. Bright walls are very reflective, and they will make the house feel very open and airy. It’s, therefore, a good idea that you paint your house walls and ceiling white. The shade will open up a cloud-like effect and blurs the boundary between the wall and ceiling. As a result, the ceiling appears higher, the room open, airy, and serene.

Clear Counter and Floor Spaces

If you can tuck away most items and eliminate clutter, you will create more space in the house. Your counters should only have things that you use daily. If there are things that you don’t frequently use, pack them and move them to a Self Storage Elizabeth facility. See to it that you declutter your house after every six months. This will create some extra space and help you keep the house tidy too. Tuck smaller furniture under larger ones, and you can even hang items on hooks to keep them off the floor and create a more spacious feel.

Pull Furniture Away From the Walls

When organizing a smaller room, most people tend to push furniture towards the edge to maximize space. However, if the furniture blocks the view to the room or pathways, the house will look cramped. You can make the house a bit spacious by moving your furniture a few inches from the wall. This creates an illusion of flowing lines and airiness in the room.

Furniture in small living rooms

Open up Space with Creative Lighting

Natural light opens up the house’s interior and makes the room look spacious. Therefore avoid blocking the windows with bulky furniture or curtains. Remember that you can always store such extra items in a Self Storage Elizabeth facility. Add some visually appealing ceiling lighting fixtures and use lamps to spread the light throughout the house, which creates a more expansive look, especially in rooms with limited natural lighting. Hanging mirrors on the wall also allows you to bounce light from the windows creating the illusion of more space.