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Having lots of children is one of life’s greatest joys. Growing up with the support of a big family is also rewarding if every child is getting their personal needs. It is important for kids to have some privacy and their own space, however, it’s not always possible for them to have their own room. Here are a few tips from Self Storage Adelaide on how you can give your children a sense of privacy when sharing a room with siblings.

Each child must have his or her own private area within the bedroom

This includes a safe place for their personal belongings. These can be covered boxes or shelves. It can also include a sheltered alcove under an elevated bed or bunk bed where he or she can play or study by himself without worrying that another sibling will interrupt him or be allowed to breathe over his shoulder. Examples can include open sleeping tents that cover each child’s bed for privacy. They are available on the market in beautiful prints and patterns. Your child might enjoy choosing one decor theme to personalise her space further. Enforce strict and consistent rules to govern the sanctity of these private spaces. Self Storage Adelaide can help with furniture storage as your kids outgrow it. Children should only be allowed to touch his or her own things and must ask their sibling’s permission to be allowed into her personal space.

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Designate a second separate room as a communal playroom and/or study room

With multiple children sharing one bedroom, it is important that the space remain peaceful. This means it should never get too cluttered with toys, school things, and other odds and ends. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind, which leads to stress, which leads to disagreements and social disharmony. Encourage your kids to keep their playthings in a separate communal play area and their school stuff in another designated area and the behaviours associated with these activities also be contained in each separate area. Your kids’ needs might change in these areas over the years. Self Storage Adelaide can help you organise and you can get unneeded old toys and seasonal items temporarily out of the way. Insist that the bedroom be a place for quiet and introspection. This rule protects a peaceful environment for sleep and rejuvenation that all the kids will ultimately be grateful for.

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Install large mirrors on the walls and paint the walls light or bright colours

If a room feels cramped with the furniture needed by multiple kids, you can create the illusion of spaciousness easily with lots of wall to wall mirrors. Bright cheerful walls and clean floors also help raise the vibration of a space. You could designate an area of wall for each child to personalise with his or her own decorations reflecting their own unique tastes and hobbies.

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Allocate personal time for each child to have the bedroom to herself on weekends

If your children are home together for long stretches of unscheduled time, they’re sure to get on each other’s nerves from being in close proximity all day. To remedy this, you can assign each child an hour of the day where he or she can have the bedroom all to himself. You can keep this schedule in the family area next to the chore schedule. You can rotate slots regularly or you can have each child sign up for a slot ahead of time. It’s important for kids to be able to work on creative projects by themselves out of earshot from their siblings. They might want to practice singing a song they’re rehearsing. They might want to listen to any music they want to without complaints. They might want to have a private phone conversation with friends.

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Really hear your children when they come to you with conflicts and grievances

It might be tempting to tell your kids to work it out for themselves. In some cases, that is an appropriate response. However, it’s important to remember that because your kids already live in close quarters, there are probably already a lot of conflicts that they are already working out for themselves and they may be coming to you with the bigger ones. It’s important that you hear them each individually and spend individual time with each child in general so they don’t feel like they are always being grouped together. You might even want to have official family meetings where everyone meets together to communicate honestly and openly about how their individual lives are going. Sharing of the week’s stresses, accomplishments, simple joys, and gratitude is a great way to cultivate a deep and abiding relationship and infinite camaraderie with family members. It’s also a chance for the whole family to offer neutral input around helping siblings sort out their disagreements to practice living in greater harmony. You can get the canoes or the volleyball equipment out of Self Storage Adelaide for a river trip or a pickup game or two to cement that loving bond further.

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