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As 2018 winds to a close, it’s normal to reflect on how the past 12 months have gone and on how the next 12 will unfold. With a new year comes the promise of a new beginning, and sprucing up the home is a terrific way to set the stage for a successful 2019. Why limit yourself to a quick cleaning, however, when you can completely transform the place to usher in the new year? By availing yourself of Self Storage Elizabeth South, you can easily declutter, organise and deep clean your home to lay the groundwork for a truly amazing new year.

Clear it all out

One of the biggest impediments to giving a home a truly deep and thorough cleaning is, funnily enough, finding the space to do so. Short of hauling everything outside and leaving it all exposed to the elements, however, how are you supposed to accomplish that? The answer is as simple as renting Self Storage Elizabeth South and using it until your New Year clean-up is complete. With a storage unit around the corner, you can easily clear out bulky items like furniture in the meantime—and you can use it as a staging area for organising your stuff too.

boxes of belongings

Get it all sorted

If you are serious about truly clearing clutter out of your home and making it as fresh and clean as possible for the new year, you need to take the time to sort through everything that you can. As you do so, you will find items that can be thrown out, donated, sold, recycled or otherwise disposed of. Self Storage Elizabeth South provides the perfect staging area for getting everything organised, and you can even use it long-term to store larger things that you’re not ready to get rid of just yet.

girl sorting through clothes

Whip it into shape

Once you have everything temporarily moved over to the storage unit, including the things that you need to organise and bulky items like sofas and other furniture, your home will be ready to undergo a truly thorough cleaning. Depending on the situation, you might even want to rent a large trash bin to get junk cleared out as quickly as possible. Otherwise, take this opportunity to dust, scrub, sweep, mop and vacuum every last nook and cranny of the place. With so much of the stuff cleared out, this step will be a whole lot easier.

Happy Woman Cleaning

Freshen things up

Finally, with your home newly decluttered, organised and as neat as a pin, you are sure to be inspired to take steps to update its décor. This is the perfect time to upgrade some furniture, for example, or to perhaps apply a new coat of paint here and there. Even if you just pick up a few new touches like throw blankets and area rugs, you are sure to be pleased by how new and fresh everything looks. Rent Self Storage Elizabeth South now to get started on your big New Year clean-up.

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