When you live or work in a vibrant community like Hope Valley, an organised living or working space can be a major game changer when it comes to stress. Self-storage can be a great solution whether you are downsizing, decluttering or need extra space. In this guide, we will explore self-storage tips that are perfectly tailored to the residents of Hope Valley. 

Assessing your needs

Make an appraisal of your storage needs before delving into self-storage. Establish the belongings you want to stock, the sizes of these items, and whether any special requirements such as climate regulation are important. 

Choosing the right size

It is very important to choose the right size when you are selecting your storage unit. If you choose a unit that is too small it may not fit all of your things, but if you choose a unit that is too big, you might end up filling it with junk that you don’t need and paying extra money for space that you don’t need. Take some time to evaluate what you want to store and choose the best storage unit for your needs. 

Climate-controlled storage

If you’ve got things that are sensitive to temperature, you may want to consider a climate-controlled storage unit in Hope Valley to protect them from the extreme changes in weather. A climate-controlled storage unit creates a temperature-controlled environment, which means your valuables aren’t affected by high or low extremes in Hope Valley. 

Strategic packing

To maximise available space and minimise potential damage to your items, be sure to pack your items strategically. It is recommended that you pack all the boxes when moving. To do so, you should set up all your boxes in the room configuration for each box. Use sturdy boxes and reinforce the bottoms with packing tape. Label each box you pack clearly. On the top is best. 

Put the heavier things on the bottom and lighter things on the top of the box. Each box should be labelled clearly with the room and a box number for that room. The box will indicate where the item in your box is supposed to go when you arrive at your new home. Fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap and/or moving paper. 

Inventories are wise

Keeping a thorough list of everything you have stored away is a helpful way to know what you have and where it is. In doing this, not only do you know what you have, but should the need arise to find something with urgency, you know where to look. You can do this simply on pen and paper, or for easy access; many people use a digital tool or app to keep their inventory. 

Uniform storage boxes

Another thing you can do to help with the organisation of your storage unit is to invest in some uniform storage boxes. These can help save space in your unit by allowing you to stack things. When everything is stored in the same type and size box, you can stack things up and you are also making optimal use of the vertical space in your storage unit. This will make your rental storage unit look nicer because it is more organised and visually appealing. 

Make it accessible

Ensure that your storage unit has accessibility in mind when organising. Keep frequently accessed items to the front, creating a pathway for easy access any day. Hence, you may retrieve any item without rearranging a large portion of your space. 

Consider shelves

If the storage facility allows it, consider freestanding shelving units for smaller items and boxes, getting them up off the floor and maximising vertical storage space. 

Using covers is good

If you are storing furniture, you might want to look into investing in some protective covers that can save your stuff from any potential inadvertent harm that may be done during storage if say it gets dusty or is getting an unexpected downpour of rain. This is a small investment that can save you thousands, no kidding. 

Make your most used items easy to access

To allow for easier access to items you might more frequently need, you can position those closer to the door of the storage unit. What this will do is eliminate the problem of constantly sifting through everything in the storage unit just to be able to get one item. 

Securing valuables

When storing valuables, it can pay to go the extra mile. A padlock can be useful on the storage unit door, and if you require extra security features and your facility has some, asking could come in handy. 

Labelling is key

An organised storage unit is a labelling storage unit. You want to, as much as possible, label your boxes with what is inside and make sure your labelling system will allow you to quickly glance at the storage unit and know where specific boxes are located! This saves time and will save you the hassle of pulling everything out of your unit to find just one thing.

Make a walkway

Ensure a walkway through the centre of your self-storage unit that accommodates your easy access to items at the back of the unit without having to move anything to get to your stuff. 

Review and declutter

Incorporate scheduled sessions to distinguish the quality/condition of the storage unit you possess. Should the items have no worth/be unimportant, make an effort to dispose of them, give them, or sell them. This way, you will be capable of getting the most amount of space from your storage. 

Putting these practical self-storage tips into use can help you stay on top of your storage needs. Increasing organisation in the home, whether it is by moving from one house to another, or by simply clearing out the clutter and storing it in a convenient personal storage unit, makes for a more efficient and less exasperating living environment. 

Get in touch with us at Self Storage Australia to make your Australian home organisation top-tier. By doing so, Hope Valley residents can become just a little bit more organised and a little bit more sane.