Preparing Fragile Items For Storage

/Preparing Fragile Items For Storage

Preparing Fragile Items For Storage

The relocation process often requires those making a move to consider several critical issues. One such issue revolves around the safety of fragile items. Self Storage Edinburgh North invites potential customers to read this brief blog discussing the proper means of preparing fragile items for the moving and storage process.

Definition Of Fragile Items

Typically, objects are considered fragile if they are comprised of some type of easily breakable material like glass and pottery. Moreover, the term fragile could be employed to describe the ease with which a particular item’s quality or authenticity can be disturbed. Common examples of these objects include various antiques and pieces of artwork.

Tips For Handling Fragile Items

Choose The Appropriate Box Size

cardboard boxes stacked up

Arguably, designating the appropriate box is one of the most crucial aspects of protecting and storing fragile holdings. Any such container should be large enough for all designated items to fit comfortably. That said, the box should not be too large. Spaces leaving an overabundance of room might enable fragile items to shift which could result in damage.

Moreover, boxes should not have housed any perishable products like food. Such containers might be laden with bacteria. Said pathogens could prove harmful to both the items designated for storage and the people who own them.

Don’t Stuff Boxes

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Fragile items should not be stuffed together. First, such action could increase their risk of breakage. Furthermore, certain fragile materials need room to breathe. Compacting such objects could ruin their quality and antiqueness.

Wrap Items

a woman wrapping paper around a glass

Our company Self Storage Edinburgh North reminds prospective customers to wrap any item deemed fragile. Using packing paper often provides adequate protection for smaller objects like glasses or dishes. However, larger items such as televisions and mirrors should be contained inside larger coverings including towels and blankets.

Don’t Hesitate To Employ Styrofoam And Bubble Wrap

two people wrapping bubble wrap on plates and storing them in cardboard boxes

As an added layer of protection, items should be covered by materials like bubble wrap and Styrofoam snow. These products also provide insulation.

Label Boxes As Fragile

a man taping a box

The Self Storage Edinburgh North establishment strongly cautions potential customers to label boxes or containers holding fragile items as such. This warns those handling these products to exercise care during the handling process.

Tape All Boxes

a person sealing a box with tape

Packing tape is a strong adhesive that preserves the quality of storage boxes. However, this product might prevent or reduce the incidents of boxes becoming ripped or torn. Openings in these containers could allow air or moisture to seep in, which could damage the materials housed inside.

Move Fragile Items Oneself

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Many moving industry professionals strongly encourage individuals to pack, transport and place fragile items into storage themselves. Engaging in such action gives said subjects full control over the process and might limit the risk of untoward occurrences.

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