For many people, the water feels like home. They love getting in the water and letting it wash over them. One of the many delightful things about living in South Australia is easy access to some of the best places to go diving in the world. This is the place to head if you want to see incredible waters, beautiful kinds of fish and magnificent aquatic creatures. If you love to take the diving gear out of that Self Storage Adelaide, you can find lots of spots right in the region that make it easier than ever to go diving.

South Australian Sea Lion

Baird Bay

One of the most scenic places in Australia, Baird Bay is located on the Eyre Peninsula. Exquisite waters let people get down and see a vast array of wildlife right in front of their eyes. There are many reasons to bring that diving gear from the Self Storage Adelaide and relax here. Those who take the time to go on a boat can see dive right in. Of all the creatures that make this their home, perhaps the most celebrated are the Australian sea lions. These magnificent animals find divers fascinating and often come directly to them as they swim.

swimming with seals

Star of Greece wreck

Another popular reason to take the diving items from Self Storage Adelaide is to see some of the many shipwrecks that dot the coastline here. There are dozens that are easily available from the shore. One of the most admired is the Star of Greece wreck. The Star of Greece has been underwater for more than a hundred and twenty-five years. It’s located off the coast of an area known as Port Willunga. This small town is devoted to the sea. Come here and head offshore for a truly memorable look at one of Australia’s best-known wrecks.

leafy Sea Dragon

Port Noarlunga reef

Those who are looking for something close to home can head to the Port Noarlunga reef. This is one of the most popular places to dive. It’s only about a forty-five-minute drive from Adelaide, making it an easy day trip. There’s a self-guided diving trail that people love because it is so easy to follow. Here, you’ll see over two hundred different kinds of marine plant species. You’ll also have the opportunity to get up close and personal with dozens of fish species. It’s a short distance away from the shore and extends for more than one and a half kilometre.

Port Noarlunga Reef

Other creatures

Lots of other creatures can also be spotted offshore from varied diving spots. Diving spots like Whyalla are a good choice for those who love cuttlefish. From the start of May until the end of August, this is the place to see them as they spawn. If you like sharks, you are in luck. Port Lincoln is one place divers head when they want to see sharks in person in their natural habitat. Take a cage dive and watch as they swim right past you in these incredibly lovely waters.