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Working out of a home office can promote productivity in many ways. For example, you may be able to work in more comfortable clothes and create a more practical work environment in a home office. You can save time by eliminating your commute, and you can use at least some of this time to get more work done. Pesky co-workers will also not be interrupting you throughout the day when you work at home. However, while these and other productivity-boosting benefits are present, there are also several factors that can decrease productivity. By identifying what these issues are and tackling them with a strategic approach, you can make your home office experience more practical and beneficial. These are some of the steps, from Self Storage Adelaide, that you may take to bolster productivity while working at home.

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Take scheduled breaks

Some people think that they will get more done throughout the day if they remain sitting at their desk plugging away at their tasks. However, giving yourself small, structured breaks may actually boost productivity. When you know that you are going to have time to check your email, to go on social media or to handle tasks around the house for a short period of time, you may be more inclined to stay focused at work when you are at your desk. You may even take a break by walking around the block or doing some yoga poses. Getting your blood flowing is a great way to perk up and to potentially remain focused once you get back to work. Some people also take a break by changing work environments. For example, they take a short mind break to venture down to a local coffee shop. This small break as well as the change of scenery may make it easier to focus on work and to remain productive.

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Focus on one task at a time

Most people have heard that multi-tasking is no longer believed to bolster productivity. It is best to concentrate intently on completing one task before you tackle another one. However, with a limited amount of time in each work day, it may seem challenging to attempt to get everything done that requires your attention. A smart idea is to create a prioritised to-do list each evening before you stop working for the day. When you start working in the morning, you can tackle the first and most important item on the list first. Some people work more efficiently when they work on the largest and most energy-consuming item first. Other people feel more productive and inspired when they complete several smaller tasks quickly. Find a prioritisation strategy that works best for you.

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Improve lighting

Lighting in your work area directly impacts productivity. For example, when a room is too bright or too dark, you may be inclined to drift off to sleep rather than to remain alert and focused. Task lighting may be essential, but you should also have a moderate amount of background lighting. Keep in mind that natural lighting may help you to feel more energised than artificial lighting. To find the ideal lighting situation for your work area, adjust the placement of lamps in your room. You may also replace lightbulbs with a different wattage to experience first-hand how impact lighting can be on your daily productivity level

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Clear away the clutter

A cluttered work area can be a major distraction in various ways. For example, staring at piles of work may make you feel flustered and may pull your attention away from the task directly in front of you. You may be inclined to start cleaning and organising, and this can also be distracting. Take a few hours to go through all stacks of papers and documents piled up throughout the area. Remove these items as well as equipment and other items that do not serve a purpose at this time. You may even use Self Storage Adelaide to free up space in your home office by storing equipment and filing boxes that you do not regularly need access to.

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Focus on organisation

Along that same line, now is a great time to improve organisation in your home office. Each item should have a home, such as in a drawer, in a filing cabinet or in other areas. Take time to organise drawers, cabinets, boxes and more so that everything is easy to find. By doing so, you will not have to waste time later searching for items that may be lost amidst your clutter. Remember to keep up with your organisational system by placing each item in its place at the end of each work day. This organisational strategy can also be applied to items that are placed in Self Storage Adelaide.

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Identify and eliminate distractions

Another critical step to take is to identify distractions that are unique to you and your working environment. For example, a neighbour’s barking dog or the kids constantly interrupting you are common distractions. Your cell phone, your friends trying to chat online, household chores and other things may also be distractions. After you have identified the distractions that have the most significant impact on your productivity level, you can be proactive to address those issues. For example, you can invest in a white noise machine to block out the sound of a barking dog. You can also use your small work breaks to address household chores.

From relocating unnecessary items from your home office to Self Storage Adelaide to adjusting lighting and more, you can see that there are numerous steps available to bolster productivity. With mediocre productivity, you may be inclined to work longer hours and to grow frustrated with the fact that it seems like you are always working. This frustration can lead you to question the benefits of working at home, and the frustrations can be avoided when you apply these tips to your life today. Remember that you can progressively improve in various ways rather than make bold changes that may be difficult to maintain over time. For more information on booking Self Storage Adelaide, click here.

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