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Welcoming a new family member into your home is an exciting experience, however living in an apartment with one can sometimes be restrictive. Here at Self Storage Adelaide, we’ve compiled a list of tips to ensure that your new companion is just as happy as you are.

Choose the Right Pet

One of the most important things when deciding to get a pet is to choose one suitable to your home.

Small animals such as birds, fish, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits are highly apartment friendly, as they occupy a small amount of space and require minimal exercise. Cats and dogs are also suitable, however it’s important to consider the size and energy level of your dog when choosing one.

It’s also important to note the facilities of your apartment. Having to travel up and down stairs daily, could lead to health problems in dogs. If you have a balcony, ensure the gap at the bottom isn’t wide enough for your pet to fit through.

sleeping bull dog

Make Your Apartment Pet Friendly

Whether your new friend has feathers, fur or gills, it’s important to create a pet friendly environment to ensure the best living experience for it.

This involves ensuring that there are no wires, chemicals or medication that your pet may come across. Create a liveable space for your pet by de-cluttering your apartment with the help of Self Storage Adelaide. Self Storage Adelaide has a range of different options to keep your belongings safe when downsizing.

If you have a balcony, putting down fake grass will create a natural-feeling outdoor area. However remember to keep balconies inaccessible to your cat while your away if chicken wire or shutters aren’t installed. Keep valuables such as photo frames in cabinets rather than on tabletops to prevent your cat from breaking them.

cat knocking phone off table

Keep your Pet Protected from the Weather

Your pet needs cool air during summer and a warm bed during winter just as much as its owner does. Here are some tips to ensure your pet is comfortable all year long.

To prevent the risk of unnecessary stress, sickness or fatality, ensure your pet isn’t kept in the sun for long periods of time.  Ways to cool your pet down include giving them ice or treats frozen in water.

During winter, keep your pet warm by keeping them inside overnight, in a cosy and warm living area or bed.

It’s vital your pet is kept in a well-ventilated area, either by means of a window, ceiling or pedestal fan. It’s also important to consider where it will be while you’re not home. If it’s inside and there aren’t enough windows or a fan to keep your apartment ventilated, keeping the air-conditioning on might be the only option.

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Entertain Your Pet

Just like humans, it’s imperative that your new best friend is leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. This includes being well socialised, and having adequate and regular exercise (especially for dogs).

Boredom leads to unhappiness, and it’s important to take into consideration the well being of your pet to give it the best life possible. Your pet should be given regular attention, allocated ‘play-time’ every day, and be occasionally provided it with new toys and treats.

Dogs are incredibly social animals and require at least 15 minutes of walking every day, and should be regularly taken to interact with other dogs and people. This include visiting the dog park or going to the beach.

Separation anxiety, boredom, and loneliness can cause depression and barking while you’re away. Exercise and toys however will provide your pet with entertainment, and also tire it out, reducing the risk of noise.

Create a “Toilet Area”

As your new pet will be an indoor animal, toilet training is important to ensure your apartment stays hygienic and clean. For best results this is best done when the animal is a young age.

Using cat litter and potty patches are great examples of toilet areas for your cat or dog. Otherwise dogs can be taken downstairs to grass nearby, however don’t forget to take a dog waste bag with you! Do keep in mind that this will generally need to be done every three hours.

Freshening tanks and enclosures for smaller pets will need to be done frequently to avoid unwanted smells.

dog on grass mat

Keeping a pet in an apartment comes down to an owner’s ability to care for their pet’s emotional, physical and financial needs. Ensure you’re ready for the commitment, maintenance, costs and attention required when owning a pet in a confined space. Contact Self Storage Adelaide for solutions to de-clutter your apartment to create the best living space for your pet.

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