Top Destinations For a White Christmas

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Top Destinations For a White Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate. You want to enjoy this time of the year fully. Many people really do dream of a white Christmas. If you’re one of them, now is the time to make travel plans. Travelling is a great way to have fun in the snow. There are some destinations that allow you to have easy access to the white stuff. Bring those skis from Self Storage Adelaide and have a fun time. You’ll make fabulous memories when you have a chance to get away this holiday season.

Lillehammer, Norway

Home of the 1994 winter Olympics, this is one place that delights in the cold weather If you were old enough to watch the Olympics on television, you’ll find lots of sites that allow you to follow in the footsteps of the athletes you admired. You can also discover a fabulous town that’s well worth visiting this time of the year. They have lots of places that allow you to grab a hot chocolate and watch as the snow falls down in front of your face. Leave those valuable items behind in Self Storage Adelaide and hit the slopes right here.

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Skiing in Japan

Japan is one nation that loves Christmas. They love everything about it. You’ll find the Japanese happy to celebrate the season. Skiing in Japan is a thrill a minute. Many small towns here are dedicated to the sport. Places like Hakuba, Niseko, Yuzawa and the Shiga highlands are an ideal place to get away from it all and yet be in the heart of the festive season at the same time. Enjoy this time along the slopes here when you bring your ski gear from Self Storage Adelaide and explore the many wonderful winter things you can do in Japan.

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Vermont, USA

Vermont is one of the least populated and most rural parts of the United States. As such, it is a great place to get outdoors. After the trees have lost their leaves, you can find lots of places to go skiing. This a good place to celebrate Christmas as it has lots of holiday spirit. It’s also one of the coldest and most elevated parts of the United States. This means that snow is likely at this time of the year and plenty of it. You’ll also find pristine woods and great shops that sell items you’ll want to bring home to give your friends.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Historic Zurich comes alive in the winter. This relatively small city attracts an international crowd. You can be one of the people strolling the streets and admiring the city’s many displays of good cheer. It makes a destination that’s easy to reach from much of Europe as well as many nearby places to enjoy a white Christmas. Come here and get into the spirit of the season with a great city that’s designed exactly for this purpose. It’s your chance to get into all that you love so much about this marvellous time of year.

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