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If you have a collection that is growing but your home lacks the space to accommodate it, you can use Self Storage in Holden Hill to keep some of your collectables. You can keep them there while their value increases if you plan to sell them in the future. These are some examples of collections that you can put in Storage Holden Hill.

Store your art collection

Don’t wrap your art in plastic when you store it. This is especially important if you don’t use a temperature-controlled unit. Plastic wrap can lead to mildew accumulation. Storage units keep your items out of the sun, which is important for protecting artwork against fading. If you insure your artwork, take a photo inventory before you pack it up and store it.

Elephant Painting | Self Storage Holden Hill

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Store your model car collection

Many model cars are made with metal parts. If you have an expensive or antique collection of model cars and they are valuable, consider renting a temperature-controlled storage unit. Heat may damage some parts, and humidity can lead to rust on metal components. If you don’t use a temperature-controlled unit, look for storage aids that absorb moisture in the air to put in the boxes with the cars.

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Store your figurine collection

If you have ceramic figurines that are painted, don’t wrap them in coloured tissue paper. A breathable cloth is better for wrapping figurines. Don’t use plastic when you wrap them. For figurines that have any fabric components, consider adding mothballs to the box. As it is with any expensive collection, use a temperature-controlled unit for a large collection of valuable figurines.

Store Your Collection In Storage | Self Storage Holden Hill

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Store your newspaper or stamp collection

For paper-based collectibles, think about moisture when you store your items. Although plastic totes are popular for storage spaces, they’re not ideal for long-term storage of paper goods. With a newspaper, the paper that is used is highly acidic. This means that it breaks down faster than normal paper. Heat and humidity will speed up decay. It’s important to keep newspapers and stamps in places that aren’t directly exposed to sunlight.


Stamp Collection | Self Storage Holden Hill

Image by: Puzzle Place Australia

Store your sports memorabilia collection

Perhaps you have a variety of items such as jerseys, balls, banners, newspaper clippings and trophies. If you plan to keep these items in a storage unit for a long time, research the best ways to store each type of item. Also, be aware of what you shouldn’t do. For example, you shouldn’t set the newspapers in the same box as the clothes. You may come back to find newspaper ink imprints on the clothing.


Trophy | Self Storage Holden Hill

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Store your metal goods collection

You may not need a temperature-controlled storage unit for metal items. However, you shouldn’t wrap anything in plastic. Also, don’t put metals that can oxidise or tarnish in the same box. For example, don’t put a bunch of loose silver spoons in a box. If they’re wrapped or covered, metals should only touch breathable cotton cloths.

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