Packing Tips Self Storage in Adelaide

/Packing Tips Self Storage in Adelaide

Packing Tips Self Storage in Adelaide

Packing and storing away your belongings can be a tiresome activity. Most people do not like the stress that involves packing. You can get storage firms to help you with the process. Self storage in Adelaide is preferred for the excellent services offered by them.

 Self storage in Adelaide

Adelaide has been voted as one of the best liveable cities in the world. The city has amazing parks, historic architecture, and an impressive dining scene. Your items also have a great experience when you decide you need long-term storage services. Self storage in Adelaide is very affordable with the best terms of service.

When you decide to use SSA, you receive services such as moving trucks that depend on the size of your load, professional packers, moving your belongings to your desired location, and storing your items in secure facilities. 

Packing Tips

Long-term storage demands you to pack all your stuff correctly to avoid damage. It would be terrible if you got back after six months for your belongings only to find them ruined. Here are a few pro tips on how to pack for long-term storage.

Avoid Plastics

It is a common misconception that plastics prevent water from damaging personal items. On the contrary, plastic or vinyl traps moisture causing humidity to form. Mould and mildew begin to form on the surfaces of your items, ruining them.

Use cotton or wool covers instead of plastic. Cover all your belongings neatly to protect them from any water or cold damage. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit reduces the chances of your stuff getting ruined. When using a climate-controlled unit is a little expensive, it is worth it in the end.

Use Sturdy Boxes

boxes of belongings

Recycled boxes from your grocery shopping are perfect for packing. You can buy boxes if you don’t have good boxes already. Ensure the boxes you use are in good condition and of the same size. Using boxes of similar size makes it easier and safer to stack them.

Stacking the boxes gives you easier access to your items whenever you need to get something urgently. Fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap or old newspapers before placing them in the boxes. Also, store boxes with fragile items away from the rest of the boxes.

Clean and Disassemble Before You Pack

Always clean all your household items and clothes before packing them. You can vacuum or wipe surfaces with water to do away with dusty items. Cleaning ensures that your stuff won’t smell musty as you unpack. Remember to wrap everything before you pack them away properly. 

Furthermore, disassemble large items such as beds, couches, and outdoor furniture for a more straightforward packing process. Place all attachments together, such as screws and nuts, to avoid misplacing them. Disassembling the huge items also creates more space to fit more stuff into the storage unit. SSA professional packers can assist in packing those troublesome large items.


Always label your boxes as you pack them. It is very frustrating when you are looking for something you know you packed but can’t find. When you label your boxes, it becomes easier to find specific items.

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