Space Saving Hacks for Apartments

/Space Saving Hacks for Apartments

Space Saving Hacks for Apartments

Fitting in an apartment is not necessarily based on having a few items, but it depends on how you make use of the space available. Self Storage Adelaide provides some helpful tips on how to make the most of a small space, and it is possible to store the infrequently used items like Christmas tree and unused parts of a vehicle, among others in minimal space. Here are tips on how to maximise space in your apartment with the help of Self Storage Adelaide.

Have a Space-saving Bedroom Set

a space saving loft type bed

A compact bedroom set is capable of fitting everything you need and still, fit into a tiny room even without filling the space. For example, the Matroshka All-in-One set has 13square feet when packed up, and it pulls out into bookshelves, a double bed, a desk, a wardrobe, a dining table, a corner couch, four stools and still, has additional storage that can be used to store items that are not frequently used. Another choice of a sofa is that which cleverly flips up to form a bunk bed in a single swift motion. Lofted bedroom sets are often made for teens and kids are suitable in hacking space in a room and are readily available in a wide variety in styles and colours, and they have extra beds for visitors as well as desks.

Apply Elevated Working and Sleeping Platforms

a man reading a book on his loft type bed while his girlfriend is working below it

Do not ignore the usable real estate available on the walls, take advantage of a ceiling height with the lofted design of a workplace, storage or beds, thereby giving more space on the floor. A bed that is tucked under the stairs is a creative way of using the often wasted space, and a simple handmade standing wooden platform can elevate the bed over the dining area.

Magnetic and Manson Jar for the Bathroom

a woman screwing the mason jars to the wall using a screw driver

It’s a big challenge for Self Storage Adelaide when it comes to keeping the bathroom clutter-free, especially with many small items like tissue papers, cosmetics, bobby pins and tweezers. Therefore, go for a strip of IKEA magnetic knife and use it to corral the metal items, or else, make a Manson jar organiser for makeup brushes and cotton balls among others of the same type. If you want to alter your medicine cabinet so that it can fit more stuff, you need to place a sheet of a galvanised steel that has been cut in advance, along its back walls and add magnetic containers and hooks.

Maximize the Wall Space and Cabinets in the Kitchen

an organized kitchen with a wide shelf

A simple towel bar can keep pot lids away by either mounting it on the wall or in the cabinet. For Self Storage Adelaide, you can paint a custom colour and use it for tools, pots, pans, lids and spices and put in use any space, especially in the refrigerator to put some more food.

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