Tips to Stay Apartment Space Savvy by Self Storage Alice

/Tips to Stay Apartment Space Savvy by Self Storage Alice

Tips to Stay Apartment Space Savvy by Self Storage Alice

You finally made the decision to purchase that beautiful new loveseat for your cozy flat. You were so excited to squeeze it through your front door and rest it snuggly in the corner in between your window, your plant, and the new modern lamp you recently purchased. There’s only one problem, it doesn’t fit!

At Self Storage Alice Springs, it’s understood that looking for space in your apartment can be a daunting challenge, especially when trying to balance decoration between furnishing your lounge space and having too much stuff! Ready to clear out the clutter for good? Self Storage Alice Springs offers you state of the art, clean, and safe storage to help! Here’s some other tips to find that furnished but spacious balance.

Top 4 Tips To Keep Your Apartment Spacious

A spacious apartment
1. Rearranging Is Your Friend

One of the most overlooked means of sprucing up a lounge room is moving furniture around. It’s quite possible that the missing element you’re looking for in your apartment may simply be a sofa push or pull away. Personal styles and preferences change over time. Why not spend a Saturday morning trying out new arrangements with your furniture goods? You may find a refreshing set up you really like that was right there the whole time.

2. Mirrors on the Wall!

Even though mirrors have taken the almost singular role as a free selfie assistant, they actually have huge implications on bringing life to your living space! Full wall or large mirrors help enhance the colors of any theme or accents you may have in that specific room or living space. Did you know mirrors reflect colors instead of capturing them? This process leads the eyes to believe the space is actually more vibrant in color, or even more importantly, larger than the room actually is! Self Storage Alice Springs offers safe storage for delicate furniture like mirrors as well.

3. Hybrid Furniture

Thankfully, the struggle to find space is a universal problem we’ve all had to deal with. Which is why there is a huge industry of hybrid furniture and creative storage spaces that combine beds and desks, closets and drawers, and other nifty space savers you can look into for that little bit of extra space you’re looking for.

Hybrid Coffee Table Furniture

4. The Lifehack of Storage Units

Imagine being able to shop at a seasonal furniture store where all the items already belong to you! Having an offsite storage unit for your apartment multiplies your ability to diversify your living or working space. Need to purchase something on a limited time sale but don’t have space for it just yet? Use storage! Ready to switch out your warm fall colors to cool breezy summer themes? Use storage space so that you don’t have to throw any of it away. Add to your furniture inventory so that you have room for diversity without taking up room in your place. Visit Self Storage Alice Springs and see how they can provide exactly what you need to keep that option readily available.

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