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A homeowner who’s renovating their old house or decorating a new one whether they’re buying new furnishings or re-purposing items from Self Storage Adelaide shouldn’t forget the hallways, particularly their entry hall. After the front door, the entry hall is the first thing a guest sees, and it should prepare them for the rest of the house. Other hallways guide the guests around the rooms and should also represent the character of the house. Here are some design ideas, from Self Storage Adelaide, to brighten the hallways:

Skylights and sun tubes

One matchless way to brighten up a hallway is by installing a skylight or a sun tube. These fixtures add floods of light to the space even on cloudy days, and they are not that difficult for a contractor to install. The difference between a skylight and a sun tube is that the skylight is actually a type of window and can be flat or domed. It can be installed at different angles in the roof for different light effects. This is also true of the sun tube, but a sun tube is much narrower.



Mirrors not only allow guests and members of the house to check their look as they come in and go out, but they bounce light around and make a small hallway look bigger than it is. The kinds of mirrors that can be placed in a hallway are almost too numerous to list.

Depending on the way the rest of the house is decorated, the mirror can either contrast or complement the other furnishings. The homeowner might install an oval or arched mirror in a simple frame over a console table attached to the wall or over an old blanket chest rescued from Self Storage Adelaide that was built with an equal simplicity. A large, rectangular mirror with a tole frame can be hung above another chest covered with candles in candlesticks of different sizes and shapes, or an elaborate, Baroque mirror with a giltwood frame can be placed above a bombé chest against wallpaper with an emerald green paisley pattern. The combinations are really endless.

A large, antique mirror that had also been languishing in Self Storage Adelaide placed at the end of a hallway above an apothecary chest can make a dramatic statement. Another idea is to hang a group of mirrors together on the wall, the way pictures are hung. They can be of different sizes and shapes, but the trick is to hang them in ways that are symmetrical and attractive.

mirror in hallway

See-through aquarium wall

An aquarium built into a hallway wall allows both the fish and the next room to be seen. These built-in tanks can be real works of art, with beautiful fresh water or marine fish, live plants and other accoutrements including lovely frames. Of course, feeding the fish and maintaining the tank is a challenge. The solution is a hidden door above the tank where the owner can access the tank and the fish. Since these aquaria are necessarily narrower than regular ones, they look much bigger than a freestanding tank that holds the same amount of water. This hallway design idea my need some home renovating, but luckily, Self Storage Adelaide is secure and affordable so you can store your furniture and other household belongings while you make this change.

aquarium wall

Paintings and artwork

Paintings can also be hung this way on the wall of a hallway, though a homeowner might want to emphasise a single large painting on one wall. They can also group together botanical prints, needlework samples, shadow boxes or family photographs.

Painting Hanging in Hallway


If a skylight is not practical or desirable, a hallway can be illuminated in all kinds of ways. Hanging lights range from huge chandeliers dripping with crystals — make sure that the ceiling is tall enough to accommodate them — to ultramodern pendant lamps made of polished chrome or copper. Other ideas are recessed lights placed here and there in the ceiling to give the visitor the feeling that they’re looking at a starry sky. Wall sconces, like hanging lamps, can be vintage or thoroughly modern. Track lights can be adjusted to highlight artwork and cornice, cove and valence lighting spread washes of light over the upper walls and ceiling.

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