In Adelaide, storage solutions may be sought out for various purposes – be it to house vintage cars, art collections or simply our human tendency to accumulate items. Finding an adequate storage solution should never be seen as a luxury but rather as an absolute necessity.

Tips for Choosing the Right Storage Adelaide

Adelaide has an abundance of storage facilities which entices you, but just like a shoe size, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. So, how do you know which one is the perfect fit for you? Here are a few key points to look out for:

Size – It Really Matters

Just like going out to eat, your portion size matters. Too big, and you will not finish your meal, and too small, you will leave feeling more hungry than before. The same with your storage unit. If it’s too small, you will squeeze your boxes in and chances are, you will damage what’s inside. If your unit is too big, you will pay for wasted space. So what to do? Think about what you want to store, measure it and then research units that will fit your desired needs. No space wasted!


Think about when you moved to your house. You looked at how far it is from your work and from the schools, right? It’s all about convenience and ditching the traffic. The same should apply when you choose your storage Adelaide. What is the use if you need to speed through half of South Australia when you need to store an extra box or need to pull out the horrid cookie jar before your mother in law comes to visit? Look for storage units in and around your vicinity, because just like in real estate – location is a necessity more than a luxury.

Temperature Control

Heat and moisture are two of the things that can wreak havoc on our possessions. Especially if you store a piano, collectables and furniture. The moisture can cause mould build-up and the heat can cause your vibrant paintings to fade and those gorgeous leather couches to crack. And let’s not even get into sensitive electronics – they are more temperamental than a Jenga tower. Make sure that the storage unit you choose has temperature control to keep your stuff “fresh” looking and mould free. 

Security Features

Just because it’s out of your house, doesn’t mean that they are magically free from “sticky fingers”. Thieves don’t overlook storage facilities when they are planning their next target – in fact, what better place is there than rows and rows of units full of prized possessions? But don’t let this scare you off storing your goods, just be smart about it. Look for storage Adelaide which has CCTV cameras (and an armed response is a bonus!). What could be a cherry on top is that if they offer each unit their own individual alarm. Standard security features have to be the automated access controlled in and out of the storage facility. Robust security features will make you feel more at ease knowing that your grandmother’s antiques are safe.


Our lifestyle today demands instant access. You are hungry at 2am, so you go to a 24h McDonalds to fill those needs. The same with your storage unit. Just because you packed away your possessions doesn’t mean you won’t need them at all. If you need those golf clubs for an impromptu game with the guys tomorrow morning, you will need to have access to your unit immediately. Look for a storage facility that is open to you at any time – whether it’s at dawn, dusk or even 3am. Flexibility is meeting your schedule – not working around others.


Ah, insurance – not something mentioned or even thought of when thinking about a storage unit. But nothing is above the unforeseen circumstances of life. If a fire breaks out – it will not magically miss your unit. Or a flood will not decide “there’s a storage facility, we should miss it.” No, it will still be affected by floods, fires, accidental damage and all the other acts of life. So make sure that when you look for a self storage facility, they offer comprehensive insurance. Because even though the memories attached to your possessions might be lost, at least you will be able to replace it.


Our lives are all about convenience. Online shopping, door delivery and pick-up. We want to spend the least amount of time with the least amount of energy on anything. The same should apply with the self storage facility. How convenient is it to get a quote? How convenient is it to book a unit? Access it? Is their website still stuck in the early 2000’s or is it just two clicks and you are sorted with a unit, instant payment made? Convenience is not a luxury, it is a necessity. 


And the big one – price. The storage unit you need might not be as big as Bills that houses his stuff, his brother and even the neighbour. No, you only need enough space for your Halloween decorations and the 2 reindeers. So why should you pay the same as Bill? Look for a storage facility that offers a space calculation and only makes you pay for the space you need. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. It’s a stretch and shrink to fit my budget and needs.

With these recommendations and tips in hand, you are now ready to get the perfect storage Adelaide. Self Storage Australia understands that no Australian is the same, and the same for their storage needs. That is why their dedicated team is standing at the ready to help you find the perfect storage unit to fit your possessions. Their facility has robust security features so you can breathe easy knowing your stuff and collectables are safe. And if you need to have immediate access to your unit, they are available 24/7. Make your home and life clutter free and store your goods with Self Storage Australia – visit their website today to begin your neat and organised journey!