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Being surrounded by nature has the power to make people feel calm, spiritual, and more connected to the Earth. There’s no need for it to stop once you enter your home after nice a day outdoors. Here are some nature inspired interior design tips by Storage Edinburgh North to bring this organic appeal to your home.

Add Plenty of Plants

Plants are a fantastic organic element that can instantly make your home feel less clinical. The addition of plants in the home or workplace not only purifies the air, but has also been linked to creative thinking.

Having greenery inside your home will make you feel more relaxed, calm and welcome, whilst boosting your mood, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Large green leafy plants such as Peace Lilly, Philodendron, Aloe Vera, Areca Palm and Snake Plants are great candidates to (literally) bring life into your home. Different succulents are also great to place together to create an interesting still life.

Plants are so versatile that they can be placed anywhere, from bathrooms to stairwell corners, without looking out of place. Place them in plant baskets for a cohesive natural feel, or place snake plants in white pots on a wooden plant stand to make any room feel taller.

For those interested in bolder designs, perhaps consider growing or inserting a vertical garden wall, to add instant dimension to a room.

Stick to a Neutral Colour Palette

Use a neutral, earthy-hued colour palette to enhance your home’s organic feel. The best colours for this are mixtures of browns, beige, creams, whites, and pops of bright and dark greens. Paint your walls white to act as a clean base for a minimal look, or use darker hues to emphasise warmth.

Don’t be afraid to add seasonal colours to make your home feel cosier or brighter. Some suggestions include hints of blue in summer, pumpkin shades in autumn, darker browns in winter, or zesty lemon colours during spring.

 indoor plants

Mix Textures for Dimension

Don’t be afraid to dabble in texture to add dimension to a room. Simply adding textured rugs and chunky knitted throws can make a huge difference to the feel of your home. Hang up large and abstract, textured paintings to add intrigue and grandness to the main living room. Use natural coloured linen materials for bedding, and swap white plastic laundry baskets for wicker baskets to further improve the organic feel of your home.

Embrace Wood

Wood can add an earthy and rustic effect to any room. Incorporate wood in a big way by embracing exposed brick, installing wooden feature walls with plenty of dimension, or using mahogany timber flooring. Use Storage Edinburgh North to protect your furniture while installing new flooring in your home.

To achieve a truly rustic look, use wooden furniture with curves and uneven lines to display its natural beauty. Small details like wooden shower niches for soaps, or a wooden bathtub caddie holding a small plant and candle are a great way to add extra charm to your bathroom

exposed wood interior design

Draw in Natural Sunlight

Last but certainly not least, is the finishing touch of natural sunlight to lift the entire atmosphere of a room. There is nothing more beautiful or inviting than a room bathing in light.

Use light, sheer curtains rather than thick heavy ones, expose clean, clear windows and don’t have furniture blocking them. Having an open house plan, with less dividing walls, and large floor to ceiling windows will significantly boost this effect.

You can also store your furniture with Storage Edinburgh North whilst renovating your house.

interior design with window

Bringing plants, wood and natural sunlight into your home, with the use of natural colours and varying textures, is a wonderful way to create a calming and organic atmosphere. Contact Storage Edinburgh North, to store your furniture for long or short periods of time to help achieve this look.




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