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Storage for Water Sports

Watercrafts such as kayaks and jet skis are wonderful investments that will make your summers memorable. However, how you store these essential investments when they are not in use determines how long you will enjoy them. For this reason, when the temperature starts dropping, and you start looking for those heavy clothes, you need to think about a good self storage facility. Self Storage in Adelaide can just be the perfect place to store your gear. A good storage facility will prolong your watercraft’s life since it protects the fuel system and the internal engine parts. Additionally, proper storage maintains the exterior finishing of your craft. Read on for some storage tips for your summer gear.

Watch Out for Moisture

A boat wrapped in a cover outside in the snow

Water and moisture are potential dangers for your watercraft when it is in storage. So before you store the watercraft, ensure that you eliminate any moisture present. This is especially important to note since salt can cause corrosion. Be more careful with some essential parts like the engine to ensure no water is trapped inside. When your watercraft is completely dry during storage, you can expect it to be in good condition after winter.

Get a Good Self Storage Facility

A boat parked on a lift inside a garage

The storage facility that you use also determines how safe your watercraft is. It’s advisable to rent a Self Storage in Adelaide as they are more reliable in terms of security. The attendants will make sure your watercraft is in good condition before, during, and after storage. Additionally, your watercraft is safe from freezing weather, that could damage some its internal parts. Continue to store your watercraft after winter and avoid worrying about the harsh sun.

Do an Inspection Before Storage

A man wiping the boat with a towel

It is tempting to store your watercraft without inspection and maintenance because you will not use it for a long time. However, as much as this seems economical and time-saving, storing your watercraft without inspection and maintenance could end up causing more harm than good. So before you store your watercraft, check parts like the oil levels and engine coolant. It is paramount that you check the battery and rule out the possibility of leaking battery fluids. You could also consider hiring a watercraft expert to help you with inspection and maintenance. Your watercraft is likely to be in perfect condition in Self Storage in Adelaide.

Clean The Watercraft

Before you store your watercraft, make sure you clean it, using freshwater. Proper cleaning of the watercraft before storage to get rid of any salt, algae, or debris that could harm it. Gently wash the watercraft without ignoring any parts. After this, dry it completely before storing it to avoid rust in the future!

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