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Store Your Collection in Self Storage

Starting a collection can be a fun hobby; but a hobby that can take up a lot of space in your home. Whether you collect stamps, butterflies or fine art, Self Storage Elizabeth from Self Storage Australia can help keep your home free from collection clutter while offering protection to your collectables at the same time.

Why store your collection?

A Self Storage unit in Elizabeth offers a great way to protect your collection during home renovations or when moving house. If you have multiple collections, or large collections such as vintage furniture, you may wish to only display a few items at a time. Whether you want to rotate your collections in your house or simply want to clear some extra space, Self Storage lets you get the most out of your collections while keeping your home organised and tidy.


Ideal Collections For Self Storage


Self Storage units have a controlled temperature and protect your items form mildew and mould making them ideal for storing:



Wine bottle Storage | Self Storage Australia
Antique Furniture
Store your collection in Self Storage | Self Storage Australia


Store your collection in Self Storage | Self Storage Australia









Source: Evolution 

Store your collection in Self Storage | Self Storage Australia

Source: Erin Hanson Prints

How to store your collection

You should clean all of your collectables before placing them in a Storage unit. Avoid cleaning products with harsh chemicals as it can damage paint coats and varnishes on fragile items like paintings and furniture. Use soft brushes without harsh bristles or a dry cloth to dust the items. Pack delicate items in bubble wrap or tissue paper and put them in clearly labelled boxes or containers. If you’re storing photographs and paintings place grease free paper between them before stacking them up next to each other to prevent damage to the prints.

Whatever your interests, proper care and storage can help you maintain your collection without disrupting your daily life. From wine to photographs, taking the time to clean and carefully arrange your collectables in a climate-controlled storage unit helps keep them safe and in excellent condition. Protect your collection with secure, convenient Self Storage in Elizabeth.

Proper care and storage of your collectables will help you organise and protect your items. Contact the Self Storage experts from Self Storage Australia for a quote today.
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