Antique collections carry a rich and exciting history. As an antique collector, the chances are that you’ve spent years curating the ideal selection of items for your personal taste and lifestyle. You’ve likely also spent a lot of money on investing in quality pieces, meaning you’ll be keen to keep them as safe as possible. 

In an ideal world, you would keep your collection close to home. Unfortunately, pets, children, and general space limitations mean that keeping antique collections at home isn’t always an option.

In that instance, you’ll want a safe, secure and trustworthy out-of-home storage solution. Self-storage for antique collectors could be precisely that. In this article, we’re going to consider what self-storage offers for collectors. Moreover, we will discuss how exactly you can best benefit from this option.

Why should antique collectors choose self-storage?

Personal self-storage solutions offer the most affordable and flexible option for storing valuables and collectables away from home. When choosing self-storage, collectors can enjoy benefits that include:

  • Collection security
  • Increased collecting capacity
  • Complete privacy
  • Decluttering at home

Self-storage providers that enable 24-hour access also mean that a collection is always within easy reach, instead of being packed away out of sight in the attic. Different-sized storage units also enable the more effective display of even large-scale collections. As well as keeping your valuables safer than they might be at home, self-storage units could become a peaceful, trusted place from which to view your collection in a new light. 

What should antique collectors look for in a self-storage solution?

Antiques are typically delicate and valuable items. As such, collectors must seek the ideal storage solution to keep their collectables safe and in good condition at all times. As mentioned, a self-storage solution that offers 24-hour access is best for ensuring that collectors can enjoy their antiques as often as they wish to. It’s also important to seek long-term storage solutions that enable you to reduce the amount of handling that your antiques experience, and enable your self-storage setup to become a home away from home.

Other things that any antique collector should seek in their self-storage solution of choice include – 

  1. Adequate ventilation to avoid mildew or damp
  2. 24-hour security surveillance
  3. Drive-up access in cases of large or valuable items
  4. Larger units if needed

These benefits are all indicative of a high-quality self-storage solution that will provide a long-term home for antique collections large and small.


How to use self-storage for antique collections

1. Curate your collection

The time and energy that you’ve put into developing your antique collection may mean that you’re reluctant to part with these items. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to place your entire collection into storage if you aren’t comfortable doing that.

Many collectors find it useful to simply use self-storage to curate their collections. Placing items that you use less in everyday life in a storage shed will free you to more easily access newer, or more valuable antiques at home. Having this dedicated storage unit also allows you to enjoy those other antiques more than you might if they were at home and at risk of being forgotten over your more-used/viewed items.

2. Take care with packing

Whether you intend to keep your antiques packed up in storage or have them out on display, proper packing is crucial when transporting antique collections from one place to another. Having access to plenty of bubble wrap and boxes allows you to more easily protect and organise antiques as you go. 

Many self-storage companies will also provide packing materials, which may even include archive cartons and heavy-duty packing materials. These will make it far easier to safely move your items, and even to keep certain things packed away where necessary without having to worry about damage or deterioration. 

3. Make use of shelving

Many self-storage units are available with either ready-built shelving units or the space needed to install your own. Instead of keeping antiques in boxes when they don’t want to, collectors who make use of this shelving will be able to display their collections even within a self-storage space.

This is invaluable for ensuring that collections can still be enjoyed, even when they’re out of the home. Well-planned shelving displays can also help to enhance self-storage floor space and enable the storage of even larger collections.

4. Expand your collection

Seeking a self-storage solution for your antiques can automatically provide you with the ability to expand your collection. Flexible storage solutions that are available in a range of different sizes are especially useful for expanding collections at a moment’s notice as and when you discover new acquisitions. This can result in a far more enjoyable collectable experience, and ensure that you never miss out on an item for fear of where to keep it. 

This opportunity to keep on growing your antique collection is something that you’ll simply never achieve by keeping your antiques at home. With the right self-storage provider, it couldn’t be an easier goal to bring to reality.

Preserve your vintage treasures with Self Storage Australia

Delicate, valuable antique collections require gentle handling and the perfect conditions for preservation, and you can always learn how to store those vintage collections. High-quality storage solutions like those that we offer here at Self Storage Australia can ensure that your antiques are always safe. 

Our pristine, state-of-the-art storage sheds are both affordable and reliable, and offer benefits including drive-up doors, 24/7 CCTV, and pincode-only access. We also offer packing supplies that include archive cartons to ensure the safe storage of antique books, ornaments, and more. 

We’re proud to serve clients across South Australia with a customer satisfaction guarantee that means we’ll always meet your storage needs. Regardless of the size, delicacy or special requirements of your antique collection, we’ll work with you to make sure that you’re happy with your self-storage at all times. 

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