The Art of Decluttering

/The Art of Decluttering

The Art of Decluttering

The idea of having to take on your entire home and get rid of things that you no longer need or want can feel like an overwhelming task. While the concept of living a more simple life and having a more minimalistic home can sound pretty attractive, actually getting to it can be an overwhelming task. However, decluttering your home and your life, as a result, does not have to be as anxiety-inducing or stressful as it sounds and actually learning how to do it can be very beneficial. Below are a few decluttering tips to give you guidance and help you not stress or struggle through it!

Only Do a Few Minutes at a Time

a woman trying to figure out how she can declutter her things

If this is the first time you have decluttered your home or your Self Storage Elizabeth unit, do not try to do it all at one time. This will only cause you to get overwhelmed and give up part of the way through and never have the momentum to start up again. Tackle the project with just five minutes at a time. Clean for five minutes, take a break, then get back at it. It will help keep things in perspective and small bites are always better than large chunks!

Give Away One Item Every Day

a man carrying a box of clothes to donate while he declutters

There are 365 days in the year. If you do not have the time or the will-power to do even just five minutes a day, then commit to throw or give away on item every day. Just getting rid of one item a day will add up and after a year, you will have gotten rid of over 365 items in your home. Once one item per day gets easy, increase it to two times a day! You will find your space decluttered and more peaceful and you won’t even notice that you did it as it will have been so easy!

Get Rid of the Clothes that You Do Not Wear

a woman putting her clothes in a donation box

Go look in your closet at all of your clothes and take inventory item by item. Look at each article of clothing, if you have not worn it for more than 6 months (when it was in season)then toss it or donate it. If you have not touched it in a few months then you are not likely to wear it in the coming season again at all and it is pointless to hold on to it.

Take on the 12-12-12 Challenge

clothes being segregated for donation and keeping during decluttering

One way that you can set an easy goal and visualize it so that you can attain it with ease is by doing this challenge. This concept states that you will find 12 items that you want to send straight to the trash, 12 items that you will donate, and 12 that can be returned to their proper place or store in a Self Storage Elizabeth unit.

Grab a Friend and Have a Party

a daughter helping her dad declutter their home

Working with someone else is always more fun than tackling a job by yourself. Invite a friend over, order a pizza, and have a few laughs while you clean stuff out. Having a friend at your home or at your Self Storage Elizabeth unit will also give you a person who can offer an impartial opinion and will help you decide to throw out or keep an item when you are having a hard time looking at it objectively.

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