There are many benefits to renting or buying a secure self storage unit. For example, they can: 

  • Save space within your home and reduce clutter. 
  • Help keep your home clean, tidy, and organized. 
  • Save you a lot of stress when moving home. 
  • Provide you with a safe and secure place to store valuable items and belongings. 

However, many users are unsure of what they can actually store within their unit. While this of course varies depending upon the size of your self-storage unit, they can be used to store all manner of household items and belongings. With that in mind, here are some of the easiest items to store in self-storage units. 

Seasonal Items.

Right now, your cupboards, basement, or attic space is likely cluttered with a range of seasonal items that you only use at certain points during the year, such as Halloween or Christmas decor. As many studies have found that cluttered environments are bad for both your physical and mental health, storing these items in a storage unit is an easy way to free up some space and take care of yourself! This way you can simply pop over to your storage unit when the holidays roll around. This also means that you can free up attic or basement space, turning them from a glorified in-home storage unit into a functional space within your home. For example, if you have recently begun working from home, you could turn them into a home office. 


If you are moving home, you may find that the date at which you have to leave your current property is far earlier than your official moving date. However, this does not need to be a cause of stress, as you can store all manner of household items, including bulky furniture in your storage unit. While you may need some assistance with the heavy lifting (especially if you are storing bulky items such as sofas, chairs, and tables), you can use a storage unit as a transitional space to store your belongings when moving between properties. This also means that you will not need to rush to unpack after the move, as you can bring the items to your home at a time that suits you. Furniture can also be stored in these spaces if you are renovating or redecorating your home, which reduces the chances of your belongings getting damaged (or covered in paint). 

Paperwork & documents. 

A pile of files staked up on a desk

Whether you are running your own business or managing household bills, you’ll likely deal with a lot of paperwork in your daily life. While many companies now offer paperless or digital solutions, those who prefer the more old-school paper approach will be pleased to hear that paperwork and other documents can easily be stored in your storage unit. As these spaces are highly secure (with video surveillance and on-site security), you need not worry about secure documents being misplaced or stolen, either. On a similar thread, many people use storage units to store sentimental documents and papers, such as family photographs, letters, and other mementos. 

Electronics & other home appliances. 

We spend a lot of money on home appliances and electronics, but that doesn’t mean we use them all the time. As a result, if you find that some of your home electronics have fallen into disuse, but you don’t want to part with them just yet, you can always put them in storage until you need them again. Any electronic appliances can be placed into storage, from fridges to printers. However, you should ensure that they are clean beforehand (especially if they have been used to store food and perishable items). You should also ensure all wires are stored safely so that they do not present a health and safety hazard. 

Small Business Stock.

Most small businesses start from your living room. However, if you find that you are receiving a consistent stream of orders and don’t have enough space in your home to keep up with the demand, it may be worthwhile to invest in a storage unit. Here, you can store all manner of business items, from products to materials and paperwork. You can even make the space work for you by investing in shelving units or labeling boxes so that you can quickly and easily find the stock you are looking for. This could make it easier to keep on top of orders and ensure deliveries are sent out quickly and on time, therefore keeping a smile on your customer’s faces. 


Much like seasonal home decor, certain items of clothing are only pulled out of our wardrobes for a few weeks each year. For example, you’re unlikely to want to wear your raincoat at the peak of summer, or your swimming costume in the snow. If you have limited closet space available, you may benefit from storing seasonal clothing items in a storage unit when they aren’t needed. You can even maximize your space in the unit by using vacuum packs to seal bulkier items of clothing, or by packing everything into boxes that can be easily stacked or tucked away. You can then think of your storage unit as something of an open wardrobe, where you can pop by whenever you feel the need to shake up your style (or wrap up warmer). 

What can I not store in a self-storage unit? 

Of course, there are some items that cannot be stored in a self-storage unit. This includes: 

  • Food or perishable products. 
  • Plants.
  • Animals.
  • Firearms. 
  • Money. 
  • Flammable items. 

Self Storage Adelaide.

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