Toy Storage Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

/Toy Storage Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

Toy Storage Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

Does your child’s room sometimes look like a bomb went off in it? Are their toys all over the place because they simply don’t have an appropriate place to store everything? If your child has too many toys to easily store in their bedroom, it may be time to implement some creative Toy Storage ideas. Below we’ll share five ideas that can help you transform your child’s messy room into an organised play space where they can enjoy playing with their toys.

Hanging sweater organiser for board games

Board games are fun to play, but they can be a pain to store. The boxes are bulky and can take up a lot of space on a shelf or in the closet. Consider using a hanging sweater organiser to store your child’s board games. Hanging sweater organisers typically go from the closet rack to the floor, so they will give you plenty of space to stack lots of board games. Just be sure to get an organiser that is sturdy enough to hold all the board games you plan to store in it.

hanging board games

Plastic bins for puzzle pieces

Puzzles have tons of little pieces that can easily get lost or mixed in with the wrong puzzle. Puzzle boxes don’t snap closed, so they can accidentally be spilled and create a mess. Instead of storing your child’s puzzles in their box, buy some plastic containers with lids that snap on. This way, all the pieces won’t get lost or mixed together. You can also cut out the picture of the puzzle from the lid so you can easily tell which puzzle is which.

kids puzzles

Rolling under bed storage bins

Take advantage of the available storage space under your child’s bed by using rolling bins. Since they’ll be on wheels, these bins will be easy for your child to pull out and get at their toys. Under bed storage bins would be great to use to store toy cars, dolls, or just about any other small Toy Storage needs.

pink storage tubs under bed

Shoe organisers for craft supplies

Does your son or daughter have too many craft supplies? Crayons, coloured pencils, markers, glue, glitter, scissors, and so much more can easily be stored in an over-the-door shoe organiser. Find an organiser that has clear pockets so your child will be able to easily find the craft supply they need.

organising kids toys

Beanbag stuffed animal holder

If you feel like your home is overrun with stuffed animals, a beanbag stuffed animal holder may be the solution you’re looking for. This simple to make organiser also will function as a comfortable place for your child to lounge, to rest, read a book, or play. To make this, you’ll just need some fabric. Sew the fabric into the shape of a large bean bag and leave a large enough hole for your child to be able to put their stuffed animals in and take them out. To make the beanbag a little more functional, you can add a zipper to the hole so the bag can be moved around more easily.

There are so many creative ways you can find and implement to tame the Toy Storage problem in your kid’s room. Hopefully, some of the ideas we shared will be helpful for you.

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