Self storage can provide a simple and convenient solution for individuals and businesses alike. It allows anyone to rent a safe and secure storage unit that provides additional space. There are many reasons why someone would find self storage useful. Here’s what you need to know about the concept of self storage and how it can benefit you.

High Security

Self storage units are highly secure and often benefit from around the clock security surveillance. No matter what you use a storage unit for, you can be sure that your belongings are safe and well looked after. This may be done through the use of CCTV or 24/7 security guards. 

Excellent Condition Units

Storage units are kept in excellent condition so you can be sure you’ll have somewhere clean to store your items. They are dry and completely damp free so you won’t have to worry about items being accidentally damaged because of the conditions. 

Easy Access

You can access your storage unit whenever suits you. If you want to visit everyday, you can do that. If you only need to visit once a month, you can do that too. Storage units are there to make things more convenient for you, no matter what your circumstances are.

Customer Service

If you ever have a query about your self storage unit or you want to make an inquiry about a unit, you can ask the customer service team. For instance, at Self Storage Australia, we’re happy to help with any of your questions. Whether you’re new to self storage or you already have a unit, you can get in touch at any time.

Who Benefits From Self Storage?

There are many people who can benefit from all that self storage offers. Here are some of the most common scenarios that self storage can help with.

House Move

Many customers use self storage to house their belongings when there’s a delay between moving out of one property and moving into the next. It can give movers the chance to decorate the home properly without having to worry about damaging their items. Similarly, people may need storage units if they are renovating their home and need to move belongings out of the way.


Have you ever thought about using a self storage unit for your business? They’re becoming more popular among businesses for many reasons. For instance, you may have boxes of documents you need to store that are currently cramping your office space.

Storage units also come with WiFi so you can run an online business from a storage unit easily. It’s a great place to store stock when you need to as well. You may even be able to talk to your storage provider about customised racking.

Delicate Items

Storage units are the ideal place to keep delicate items safe. If you have fragile items that you want to keep secure, it can help to store them away from your home. Perhaps you have family heirlooms or artwork you want to keep in excellent condition. A storage unit offers a space you can dedicate entirely to looking after precious items.

Different Types of Storage

The type of storage unit you need will depend on your circumstances. Units often come in different sizes but there are also different types. For example, some storage units may be exclusively indoors while other companies offer outdoor units. Warehouse storage is a popular option for businesses wanting to store large items or large quantities of smaller items.

Lockups have also been a popular choice for a long time because they were the original storage unit. Lockups are similar to private garages but security can be more limited with this option.

The concept of self storage is simple and convenient for many people. No matter what type of space you need to rent and no matter what your reason for doing so, there’s an option to suit everyone. 

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