What Not To Put in Storage

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What Not To Put in Storage

Regardless of what size house you may have, you’re going to run out of space eventually. As such, you’ll need a place to store said belongings and what better place to store them in than self storage Alice Springs? However, you can’t just throw anything you want into self storage.

Keep reading to learn what not to put into self storage.


One of the most commonly overlooked things when using self storage Alice Springs is storing food. Food, as well as pet food, must never be put in a storage unit. Consider it like this; if you put food in a small space for a while, it will rot. And food, especially when it’s rotten attracts rodents and insects. They can cause damage to your other belongings as they try to get to it by chewing, clawing and nesting.

To make matters worse, an infestation can affect the entire storage building. Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough to not have rodents infiltrate your storage unit, mold most certainly will.

assorted fresh foods

Your Pet

Leaving a live animal in self storage Alice Springs may sound a bit far fetched, however, there are people who have done this in the past. Not only is leaving an animal in storage against the restrictions, but it’s also against the law. If you’re leaving for the weekend or moving to a new location and are unable to bring your pet, don’t subject it to darkness. Leave them with a relative, friend or a professional doggie daycare.

pet cat and dog sitting together


Now that you’re aware to never leave an animal in self storage Alice Springs, this also includes your plants as well. Just because they don’t walk and talk doesn’t mean they’re not alive. As you’re most likely aware, plants require water, air and sunlight to thrive. And none of these can be found in a dark, enclosed space. If you’re not able to take your plants with you, have someone you know hold them or find a way to get rid of them.

potted plants sitting on window

Materials That Are Considered Hazards

While still on the subject of restricted items, this also includes hazardous materials. To be more precise, we’re talking about items that are inflammable, corrosive or has the potential to explode.

Here are a few examples of these items:

– Oils

– Paints

– Gasoline canisters

– Cleaners

– Pesticides

– Fireworks

– Alcohol

Items like these are strictly prohibited from being stored away, so be sure to read up on the rules of the storage area.

Storing your belongings in a separate space is very beneficial, however, there are a few restrictions on what you can store. Remember to think about what to keep and what to store before you start packing.

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