Who Uses Self Storage?

When you think of storage space, your mind likely goes to a unit not too dissimilar from a garage that’s filled with random belongings. And, while that’s not unheard of, there are actually lots of reasons and lots of different types of people that use self storage. So, if you’re looking for self storage in the Tea Tree Gully area and are wondering who actually uses it, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Self Storage Australia, we offer secure units for a wide range of different users.


If you’ve ever been a student, then you’ll know all too well that student accommodation is often very small, meaning you can’t always fit all of your belongings into your student halls. We often see students nipping in and out with different belongings going in and coming back out depending on what their needs are at that time. Some students that have moved far from home even store their clothes and come back to dig out their winter clothes once the weather cools down.

Not only that, some students don’t want to have to haul all of their belongings back home when their college or university breaks up for the holidays just to have to haul it back when the new term starts. A self storage unit close to their student halls is a great alternative to keep their belongings safe while they visit family and friends for the holidays.

Gap year

You might be planning a gap year and have no other form of residence where you can store your personal belongings while you’re away. This is another instance we see regularly, especially when they’ve moved far away from their friends or family. It’s a great way of dropping off your belongings, enjoying a gap year that takes you around the world, and then coming back to your possessions just as you left them.


We also see a lot of businesses using our self storage units, and for many different reasons too! Small businesses often don’t have the space to store everything they need, and self storage is a cost effective and secure way of making sure they have everything they need. Things like equipment and machinery that they don’t currently need on site are often stored, and we even see excess stock being stored too. So, if you’re stuck for space with your business, consider self storage!


Planning an extended trip away any time soon? People who are going travelling for long periods of time often use self storage units to protect their most valued possessions. In the absence of security systems at home, people often worry that it might be broken into while they’re away. And, our self storage units have 24/7 surveillance cameras which helps give them that peace of mind that their belongings are safe.

People moving home

Another use we often see people using storage units is when people are moving home. It can be useful when there’s a gap between moving out of their home and moving into their new one, but lots of people often use it when they’re preparing for an open house too. It allows them to declutter their home so that potential buyers are able to envision moving into that property without the confusion of personal belongings. And, sometimes we even see people using self storage if their new home is significantly smaller than their previous one and they haven’t had the chance to sort through their possessions. Either way, it’s a safe and convenient solution to many problems that homeowners may face.

Some people also use self storage if they are decorating their home, whether it’s to prepare for a move or not. It’s a great way to temporarily store your furniture and belongings while you get the work done.

Seasonal needs

If you’re someone that likes to live life to the full, then there’s a good chance you’ve got things for every season. Whether it’s a surfboard for your yearly vacation or a plethora of Christmas decorations, if you don’t have enough space at home to store them, then you’re left in a tight situation (quite literally). Again, we often see people using our self storage units for seasonal needs; from camping equipment right through to skiing equipment that takes up too much space in their home.

Document storage

Lots of businesses have documents that they need to keep on file for a number of reasons. And, when it’s sensitive documents that need to be stored, they need somewhere where they know nobody will have access to it but themselves. Sometimes businesses that are run from the home often use self storage units to store documents too simply because they don’t have the space to at home. Many industries use it too, from legal firms to businesses in the healthcare sector! So, if you’ve got lots of documents you need safe and secure, for whatever reason, self storage is an affordable and reliable option to consider.


People also often utilise self storage units when they’ve become a collector, and their collection has become so large that they don’t have space in the home (or their significant other doesn’t want it around anymore). Self storage is a great way of being able to enjoy collecting your favourite items without having it take over your whole life at home. Sometimes people use self storage for their collector’s items because they can rely on their efforts staying safe and secure.