Daily Workout Ideas From Your Living Room

/Daily Workout Ideas From Your Living Room

Daily Workout Ideas From Your Living Room

The Single-Leg Squat

two friends doing single leg squats using yoga balls

Because we are all stuck at home, finding the best exercise to do inside is the most healthy thing for you. This one, in particular can be done with a military cot, coffee table, or even a chair. Be sure you have a soft surface behind you to sit on like a chair or couch. If you need to put your extra items in storage, you can try the Self Storage Edinburgh North.

Start in a seated position with one foot on the ground and one foot off. You want to press through that heal, come to a standing position, pull the loose leg up high, then slowly sit back down. Now, switch your feet and repeat. This simple exercise will work your entire body. Repeat this exercise 10 times on the left foot and 10 times on the right foot.

Couch Push-ups

a fit man doing couch push-ups from his living room

This push-up is done by placing both hands on the edge of your couch. You can use either the upper or the lower part of your couch. Lower yourself down, nose to the couch, then back up again. An advanced technique would be to bring your leg up to your shoulder as you go down and put your leg down as you push up. Switch your legs after each repetition. Do 10 reps on each side for a total of 20 repetitions. This workout focuses on your upper body and your core.

The Bench Dip

a woman doing couch dips from her living room

This is a reverse-style dip. Start by placing your hands behind you on a flat surface, like a coffee table or military cot. You can either bend your knees or keep them straight, depending on your core strength. Keep your back close to the edge of the table, keeping it straight. Now lower yourself down to about ninety-degrees, hold it there for about ten seconds, and bring yourself back up. Squeeze your triceps as you bring yourself back to the starting position and repeat that move. You want to do about ten to fifteen reps of this exercise to get the best benefits. Once you finish, you can store your table or military cot at your local Self Storage Edinburgh North.

The Step-up

a woman doing step-ups in her room using a wooden chair

You may need to get a step-stool or something very sturdy for this exercise. So before you start, be sure to check your Self Storage Edinburgh North for any items that will be sufficient to hold your body weight.

Start by putting one foot on your table or step stool. Be sure it’s not too close to the edge, so you don’t accidentally step off of it. You want to press down on your heel as you lift your body. Bring your leg up ninety degrees to maintain your balance. Bring your body down, then drive your leg back up. Repeat this exercise in reps of ten on each side, keeping your back nice and straight and power-up through your heel. This exercise works your core, abdomen, and lower body.

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