The garage is often one of the most neglected spaces in our homes. It tends to become a catch-all clutter, miscellaneous items, and forgotten treasures, which makes your space essentially unusable. If you are tired of the chaos in your garage and long for an organised and functional space, self storage can be your saving grace. 

There are many benefits of using self storage to reclaim your garage space. Below, we’ve listed some of the key aspects of using a storage solution for your garage organisation and decluttering.

Maximising space

One of the primary challenges of organising a garage is limited space. Garages can rapidly get crowded with piles of items and tools. Unfortunately, seasonal items and specialist hobbies tend to end up in the garage, which makes it tough to navigate your way through the space. The truth is that the garage’s first purpose is to hold your car. This brings us to an important question: How many Britons can actually keep their vehicle safe in the garage? 

If you leave your car parked on the drive or in the street because your garage is too crowded, be reassured in the knowledge that you are one of many. British properties frequently lack storage spaces and the garage frequently evolves into becoming an additional storage facility at home. Therefore, by moving all your non-essential items to a specifically designed storage unit, you can free up space in your garage for more practical uses like parking your vehicle(s) or creating a functional workspace for your tools. 

Seasonal storage

From Christmas decorations to the inflatable summer pool,, many items in the garage are only used seasonally. The top seasonal items that occupy space inside garages are: 

  • Boxes of Christmas decorations, including a fake tree
  • Seasonal sports equipment such as ski units, snow sledges, canoes, bicycles, rollers, skateboards, etc. 
  • Other seasonal decorations, including spring and fall decorations
  • Garden summer furniture
  • Gardening tools, which are only used throughout spring and summer
  • Snow clearing tools and gear in some regions
  • Other seasonal hobby gear and clothing, such as fishing gear, etc. 

The items have no other place to go inside your home, but they can quickly clutter the garage and make it difficult to find what you need. Self storage allows you to store seasonal items off-site, ensuring they remain safe and easily accessible when the time comes to use them. This helps declutter your garage and keep it organised throughout the year. 

Woman sitting on top of a broken down car

Decluttering and sorting

As explained above, the garage unwillingly becomes a dumping ground for all the items we no longer need to keep inside the home. The truth is that while these items may be out of sight throughout the year, they still clutter the garage space. This has more than one consequence. 

First of all, it makes it incredibly difficult to find and access what you actually need. But it also means that you are more likely to buy the same item twice or more if it gets systematically lost at the bottom of the clutter pile. Self storage provides a dedicated space to declutter and sort through your belongings. Take the time to assess each time and decide if it’s worth keeping, selling, or donating. By storing the things you want to keep in a storage unit, you can eliminate unnecessary clutter and elevate your garage. 

Accessibility and convenience

Unlike a small garage, storage units come in a variety of sizes, which makes it easier to store bulky items in an easy and accessible way. There’s no need to balance the Christmas garlands on top of the lawn mower anymore. You can access everything not only easily and rapidly, but you can also access your stuff around the clock. 

Self storage facilities are accessible throughout the day, so you can retrieve the items you need at your convenience. This may even be more practical and faster than trying to find them in a cluttered and dark garage!

Create functional zones

Organising your garage becomes much easier when you have a clear plan and designated zones for different categories of items. For instance, you may still keep items that you are likely to use regularly, such as DIY tools, for example. But by eliminating the clutter, self storage allows you to build functional zones inside your garage, such as for example:

  • A place to park your vehicle
  • A workstation for all tools
  • A place to keep all car-related items, such as oil, jacks, and so on
  • Etc. 

Using a safe and secure storage solution that ensures you can eliminate unnecessary items from the garage while focusing on its dual function as car keeper and DIY workshop. 

In conclusion, self storage offers a myriad of benefits for clearing out the garage and creating a functional space. Not only does it provide additional space, security, and seasonal storage options, but it also allows you to divide your garage into practical and useful zones.