Do you struggle with locating important items under piles of storage boxes? If clutter is taking over your home, you’re not alone. Many fail to see clutter building up in the home until it becomes completely unavoidable. If you’re wondering how to arrange your items and reduce clutter, self-storage may be the solution you’ve been searching for. With over 1,582 self-storage facilities across the UK, it’s clear that more and more people are turning to this solution. Fortunately, these organising tips can optimise your self-storage unit for easy access and retrieval.

Take inventory

Your home will need extensive inventory when you begin packing your belongings. The purpose is to list all the items you intend to store and, more importantly, to retrieve them easily when needed. If you’ve ever tried searching for a vital document in a pile of boxes, you will admit that the process can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, inventory allows you to side-step the frustration and easily locate your item in minutes. A good inventory effectively uses correct labels, a unique description of items, and orderly storage locations. Some self-storage companies make this easier by providing a formatted list as a guideline for inventory-taking. It is particularly useful for persons who struggle with arranging their belongings by themselves.

Categorise your belongings

The next thing after inventory taking is grouping your belongings. That involves grouping your belongings or items based on their similar characteristics. For example, all office-related documents must be separated from household receipts. This step is especially useful if you work from home or operate a small business from your dwelling place. Their categorisations enable you to make distinctions when digging through a pile of paperwork in your storage unit. If you are a fan of seasonal decorations at home, the best way to avoid clutter is to find a credible self-storage unit to easily access them for your home decoration purposes. As an additional tip, remember to group your belongings for easier retrieval whenever you can access a self-storage unit.

Use clear plastic containers

Instead of using cardboard boxes to store your belongings, opt for clear plastic containers. They are more durable than cardboard, allowing you to see what’s inside without opening each box. Meanwhile, the content of each plastic container must also be properly arranged to ensure easy item retrieval. Even when using transparent storage bins, arranging your items orderly is essential. The guiding principle is to neatly stack the contents into each plastic container. However, there is more to these plastic storage containers to keep your belongings safe. The first is to opt for polypropylene or polyethylene containers. These are usually indicated with PP or PE inscriptions on the sides or base of the container. Other times, you will see HDPE or LDPE, which are equally good for storage.

Create a map of your storage unit

Before moving your belongings into your storage unit, create a clear map. A storage unit map will help you envision where everything will go, making things easier in instances where you may have forgotten where you placed your items. It also makes it easier to find what you’re looking for later. If it helps, create a colour-coded system that aids in identifying where each category of belongings is located. The best time to create this map is after everything is arranged in the unit, especially when you have made an inventory. First, do it in a journal or book, and take a picture of it for digital storage. Later on, you can draw a better sketch using your laptop. Indeed, mapping saves you time and helps you use your self-storage unit space better.

Leave a walkway

Accessing your storage items may not be easy when everything is stacked haphazardly in the unit. The tip, therefore, is to leave a walkway through the centre of your storage unit so you can access everything easily. It will be helpful to avoid cramming your unit too full as it will make it challenging to move around or retrieve items. If you are worried about the cost of getting an additional self-storage unit, you can ask for the options available to identify the one that best suits you. Sometimes, you may get discounts reserved only for clients requiring more space.


Self-storage is a convenient way to keep your items safe, making it easy to access them whenever needed. Knowing how to organise your unit for easy access and retrieval will help you enjoy the full benefits of a self-storage unit.