Self-storage solutions have become integral in various life situations. They offer a convenient space for belongings during moves, home renovations, or any other changes in life or business circumstances. Yet when you put your belongings in self-storage, you want to be sure they are safe. At Self Storage Australia, we are committed to providing top-notch security for stored items. How does it work and how do we ensure the safety of your belongings? We provide below a comprehensive overview of our security features and measures. You can rest assured your items are in good hands.

Safety Measures at Self Storage Australia


At the core of Self Storage Australia’s security infrastructure is a cutting-edge CCTV system. The facility boasts 24/7 surveillance with strategically positioned cameras, ensuring constant coverage of all storage units. Unlike traditional analogue systems, Self Storage Australia’s digital CCTV setup captures high-quality footage, offering an additional layer of security to safeguard your belongings.

Sturdy Storage Doors

The physical integrity of storage units is a priority for Self Storage Australia. The unit doors are sealed for added protection. This ensures that your possessions are not only monitored but also physically secure within the storage unit.

On-site Managers

Whether you need help with accessing your storage box or want to make sure that nobody can break into your box, our team is on-site to assist and protect you. 

Indoor Storage Units for Enhanced Security

Self Storage Australia goes the extra mile by offering all indoor storage units. This not only provides an added layer of security against theft but also protects belongings from external elements. This ensures the longevity of sensitive items like books and electronics.

Industry-Standard Security Measures

When selecting a self-storage facility, it’s crucial to consider industry-standard security measures. Self Storage Australia adheres to these best practices.

Safety Recommendations When Using Self-Storage Facilities

Our team of passionate experts is here to help you figure out how to add further layers of protection for the safety of your belongings. 

Key and Combination Security

The importance of key and combination security cannot be overstated. Self Storage Australia advises customers to treat access to their storage unit with utmost diligence. Only trusted individuals requiring access should handle keys or combinations, minimising the risk of unauthorised entry. You should also invest in a heavy-duty padlock. 

Maintaining Inventory for Added Assurance

For customers seeking additional peace of mind, it’s a good idea to maintain a detailed inventory of stored items. This can become a convenient reference point and provide reassurance about the location of specific belongings. 

Importance of Proper Packing for Belongings’ Safety

Did you know that proper packing can play a huge role in the safety and integrity of your belongings during their time in storage? A well-thought-out packing strategy not only protects items from damage but also facilitates efficient organisation, making retrieval hassle-free. 

What is effective packing? This starts with categorising items based on their nature and fragility. Fragile items should be individually wrapped with materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts to absorb shocks during handling or movement. Self Storage Australia recognises the importance of organised protection, guiding customers to pack systematically to prevent breakage or damage to delicate items.

Properly packed items not only stay secure but also maximise the efficient use of storage space. When you learn how to use the right-sized boxes and containers, you can also significantly reduce the risk of items getting damaged through box shifting or collapsing. Besides, it will also keep your items safe during transport, even before they reach our storage facility!

Self Storage Australia’s Commitment to Proper Packing for Storage Safety 

We understand the pivotal role that packing plays in the safety of stored items. That is why, at Self Storage Australia, we go the extra mile to assist customers in this essential aspect.  As part of our comprehensive storage solutions, we also provide a range of high-quality environmentally-friendly packing supplies tailored to meet diverse needs. This includes sturdy boxes in various sizes.

Quality Packing Supplies

Self Storage Australia ensures that customers have access to top-notch packing supplies designed to withstand the rigours of storage. Our commitment to storage quality extends beyond security measures to the very tools that customers use to safeguard their belongings. From durable boxes that resist crushing to robust packing tape that holds firm under various conditions, every item in Self Storage Australia’s packing supply arsenal contributes to the overall safety of stored possessions.

Guidance for Effective Packing

We get it: Not everyone is an expert packer. Self Storage Australia provides some tips on effective packing sizes depending on the items you want to pack. This includes tips on how to prepare for storage and organise items within the storage unit. This additional support ensures that customers, whether seasoned movers or first-time storage users, can benefit from the accumulated expertise of Self Storage Australia in maintaining the safety of stored belongings.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

By offering a comprehensive selection of packing supplies, Self Storage Australia aims to streamline the storage process for customers. This one-stop-shop approach not only enhances convenience but also instils peace of mind.  Knowing that the packing materials provided by Self Storage Australia meet high standards contributes to the overall confidence customers have in the security and care of their stored items.

Understanding Storage Restrictions for Your Safety with Self Storage Australia

To ensure safety and compliance, customers should be aware of items that should not be stored:

  • Avoid storing toxic, flammable, or illegal goods, as well as perishable items and items that present a risk to the property of other individuals. This includes paint, petrol, acid, and chlorine. 
  • We also do not provide storage for animals or people. 
  • Additionally, you should exercise caution with items like gas bottles, dive cylinders, lawnmowers, and firearms, ensuring compliance with storage guidelines and appropriate licensing whenever relevant. 

In conclusion, Self Storage Australia stands as a reliable partner for secure and convenient self-storage solutions. With a focus on advanced security features, strict access control, and additional customer-centric recommendations, we go above and beyond to ensure that your belongings remain protected throughout your stay. Choose Self Storage Australia as your go-to storage solution to keep your belongings safe.