How to Keep Your Home Organised During the Week?

/How to Keep Your Home Organised During the Week?

How to Keep Your Home Organised During the Week?

Weekdays are busy for most people, and during the weekend, you might decide to have some fun or catch up with friends instead of doing house chores. You get minimal or no time to do the cleaning in the entire house. It is wise to keep your home clean throughout the week by performing minor tasks to keep an accumulation of dirty at bay.

You can also seek help in keeping your home clean by contacting Self Storage Edinburgh North for storage services of vehicles you barely use. Let us find out how you can keep your home organised during the week.

Declutter Your Counters

Cleaning the counter

Decluttering seems like a common task, but it cannot be easy when there is an accumulation of unnecessary things on the counter. The most important thing is to clear your counters once and keep them empty and clean every day from morning to evening.

  • Each day, take a few minutes and remove your dishes from the counter and wash them.
  • Go through your emails and file papers in their respective files.
  • Clean your counters with dry lemon wedges and wipe them with dry paper to keep them fresh throughout the week.
  • Do some little personal touches that make you happy, such as keeping a bouquet of fresh flowers in a vase.

If this seems like a difficult task, you can reach out to Self Storage Edinburgh North for professional decluttering and safe storage.

Make Your Bed

Tidiness in the house begins in the bedroom. If your bed is unkempt, your entire head gets disorganised. Making your bed is the most straightforward task in the place, yet it seems so difficult. However, once you adapt to making your bed after you wake up, you get used to it, and it becomes a culture.

You can even make it easier by keeping your beddings simple and creating an uncomplicated and calm space that makes you happy about your sleeping space.

Once you get used to making your bed every morning, you will get motivated to do other simple tasks in the house.

Ensure All your Stuff Have a Designated Location

The first step of keeping your house organised has a designated place for every item in the house. Without having a specific area for everything, anything will be everywhere, and you will barely be able to locate whatever you need.

Well organised kitchen

For better organisations, you can buy cheap baskets for keeping insignificant items such as your makeup. Arrange your clothes orderly in the closet with separation of main attires and underneath garments. Such an organisation will make it less of a hustle to get what you need.

For machines like cars, if you don’t have enough space to keep your caravan or car for better garage organisation, you can hire Self Storage Edinburgh North to do it for you at an affordable cost.

Once you have a designated place for everything, ensure that you place everything in its spot every-morning, and you will have very little mess in the house.


Keeping your house clean throughout the week is simple once you master the skills. Even better, you notice you spend less time and have fun doing the simple tasks. However, the most challenging part is to get started by once you get used to it, you will love it.

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