4 of the Most Beautiful Beaches You Can Visit in 2020

/4 of the Most Beautiful Beaches You Can Visit in 2020

4 of the Most Beautiful Beaches You Can Visit in 2020

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt in every part of the globe. And although nearly 90% of the world is still on strict lockdown, some countries are slowly beginning to welcome international tourists in order to revive tourism and regain their economy. Here are 4 of the most beautiful beaches you can visit in 2020:

(Travel increases your chances of getting COVID-19. It’s important to take precaution as there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of contracting the virus while travelling.)

Glenelg Beach, Adelaide Australia

a mom, dad and their kids walking to the beach in glenelg

Adelaide is well known for its good food, spectacular coastlines and rich heritage. And while Glenelg Beach is just a 20-minute tram ride away from Adelaide Central, it’s easy to see why tourists are drawn to this place.

Staying at the resort gives you easy access to coastal malls, sidewalk cafes and entertainment venues. You definitely won’t run out of things to do at this beautiful beach. So pack your bags and gaze out to the sea while enjoying a glass of wine with your family and friends!

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Red Beach, Santorini Greece

a woman in a beach dress looking at the beach at red beach santorini

Located at the village of Akrotiri, the Red Beach is undoubtedly the most well-known beach in Greece for its titular red-hued sand. Taking the KTEL bus from Fira is a cheaper option to get there by land.

Boasting its towering red rock formations, it has become a favorite among tourists who want to witness the beauty of the island. It’s definitely a picturesque sight to behold!

Argeles sur Mer beach, South of France

people relaxing at the beach resort

This is definitely one of those beaches you’d want to take your family to after those many months in quarantine. The wide expanse of the beach gives you a lot of space to walk around and play. You can rent a car at the airport to get you a smooth ride to the beach.

What makes the island more interesting is its breathtaking view of the Pyrenees. They have an excellent resort and tourist facilities that can make you feel more at home. Enjoy the sun-drenched beaches in France.

Konnos Bay, Cyprus

konnos beach in cyprus

Cyprus is home to one of the best beaches in Europe, and Konnos Bay is one that shouldn’t be missed. This pristine island is located in the Aiya Napa region, and it truly is paradise. Summers tend to get crowded, but due to COVID-19, you might be lucky enough to enjoy it with a lesser crowd. It takes roughly around 50 minutes to reach Konnos Bay from Larnaca Airport by a bus or a car.

Travelers often come here to beat the heat and relax, but there are so many things to do as you explore the island. You can go on an off-roading adventure to visit the scenic caves and natural bridges in Cyprus. Definitely a good way to connect with nature!

Remember to Travel Safe

a man on a plane wearing a surgical mask while wiping his hands with wet wipes

Travelling internationally amid the COVID-19 pandemic is generally not advised, but if you’ve really got to go, there are ways to decrease the risk of getting infected.

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