4 Things You Can Do With Your Baby’s Old Belongings

/4 Things You Can Do With Your Baby’s Old Belongings

4 Things You Can Do With Your Baby’s Old Belongings

Buying all of the items necessary for your baby can get expensive and all too often, these items end up in the garbage, and in a landfill to clutter the earth. One way you can keep costs down in the initial phase, or even once your child is grown you may decide donating your items to a second hand store, or even storing them in a self storage unit like Storage Adelaide is the way to go.

Donate Them to Women’s Community Shelter

A person placing a stuffed teddy bear in a cardboard box

Unfortunately, there are many women who are pregnant and in need of things to be able to properly care for a child. Women’s shelters all over the country are in need of donations for their babies. You can give away your old baby clothes, baby toys, sanitary items, and even maternity clothing. Simply do a Google search of the shelter you want to donate your baby items to.

Give Them to a Family or Friend

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If you know of a friend or family member who is going to need these items in the future, it’s better to hand them down your old baby stuff. Not everybody has or wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on baby items that won’t be of any use in a year or two. This is a great way for them to save money and take things off your hands.

Organise a Garage Sale

A garage sale of baby clothes

Not only baby clothes will pile up in your home. As children grow older, and as we progress in life, we will have belongings that we no longer want or need. Often times this means it is time for a garage sale! Not only can you sell your unwanted baby items, but you can also get rid of many other family members’ unwanted things. This means your own personal clothing, old kitchen appliances that are no longer wanted. Garage sales are always a good idea to make a little bit of cash and get rid of your things that you just don’t want around. You can always invite your neighbors to do garage sales or take part in your community garage sale weekend. This will help you get rid of more things, as it will attract more people to come by and see them.

Get a Self Storage Unit

A girl holding her teddy bear while looking into the cardboard box

It’s hard to let go of sentimental belongings, this is where making use of a self storage unit comes in. Storage Adelaide is a great way to keep your items safe for the future, no matter when that is. Whether you want to expand your family a few years, or keep them for your children when they start their own families, having a storage unit is helpful. With Storage Adelaide, you and your family can keep your valued items safe and out of the way!

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